KISS bassist/vocalist, Gene Simmons, has revealed that he’s co-written two songs with Ace Frehley for the guitarist’s next solo album.

Former KISS guitarist Frehley hooked up with Paul Stanley last year to record a cover of Free’s Fire And Water for his Origins Vol.1 album – and revealed in 2015 that he had toyed with asking Simmons “to play bass on a track and sing with me.”

When asked if KISS were poised to record new music together, Simmons tells Minnesota radio station 92 KQRS, “Well, I suppose at some point. But literally two days ago I was with Ace and we wrote two songs. He asked me to write for his next solo record. So I went over to his place, way out in the desert some place, and we wrote two things.”

In March this year, Simmons reported that he had no inclination to record another KISS album because people would just illegally download it if they did. He reiterates the point by saying, “Eventually the band will go back in. But there’s no great incentive because the record industry, the entire thing, is so dysfunctional. You work hard and you get paid, and if we’re going to work a year on a record, I want to get paid too. KISS is not a charity. We make a difference between what we do personally and as a band. We buy houses for vets, we supply jobs, we give money to charity, but that’s because I want to give. I don’t want anybody deciding that our art, our music, our concerts is free, because ‘you have enough money.’”

In February, Stanley ruled out the possibility of Frehley returning to the KISS lineup after increased speculation at the start of the year.

Watch the interview, here.

[Dana’s note: Thank you, as always to, T, for passing this story, along.]

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  • elliot goldberg on

    gene and ace are the new blues brothers.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Orange Whip – Orange Whip

  • robert davenport on

    it seems to me that paul ,gene, ace and pete are much closer than the media would have us believe , I know from personal experience my {friendships through the years} their friendship and love for one another is very real , when you go through what those 4 guys went through , you are bonded for life , you might fight and have disappointments , but I believe they would all be there for each other in a heartbeat – they may never be together in kiss again but I think they will always stand together in friendship

    • Rattlehead on

      Great points, Robert, and I agree with you. The original four members created one of the biggest bands in the world and have a special bond that will always unite them. While the imposters have been in the band much longer, I don’t see (or maybe, i just don’t want to see) that special connection uniting them as family.

      Gene can appear to be a douche sometimes, but he does alot of good things, like being there for family, supporting veterans and our military, donating $$$ to charities, etc….

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Peter and Paul are not on speaking terms.

  • RTunes68 on

    That’s great! But will he now trademark the two songs and claim them as his own creations?…

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Gene Simmons here….

      Not only have I trademarked both songs but I struck a deal with Ace for him to now be on Simmons Records – a deal so lucrative (for me) you’ll wonder if Ace is back drinking again.

      My next deal will be to sell Simmons Wigs to the masses – why should I be the only powerful and attractive man in the world? CALL 1-800-RACCOON

  • Waverider on

    No RTunes, he’s trademarking the act of writing songs with Ace, so anyone who writes with Ace has to pay him.

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