Gene-Simmons400 KISS star Gene Simmons says he’s proud to be among the One Percent of the world’s richest people – and insists everyone else owes him a debt of gratitude.

The bassist believes the world would descend into “chaos” if it wasn’t for him and fellow millionaires.

Simmons tells, “The one percent pays 80 percent of all taxes. 50 percent of the population of the US pays no taxes. The one percent provides all the jobs for everybody else. If the one percent didn’t exist there would be chaos and the economy would drop dead.”

He adds, “Try being nice to rich people. I don’t remember the last poor person who gave me a job.”

Describing his 30 years of extreme financial security as “fantastic” he continues: “You know how I spell ‘shameless?’ P-r-o-u-d.”

He explains, “People often confuse my pride and self-confidence with arrogance. I’m like an animal in the jungle that pisses on the ground and doesn’t ask permission. That’s full disclosure before the facts – others hold their opinions to themselves and never say who they are. You will always know who I am. You don’t have to like it.”

KISS recently announced, KISS Rocks Vegas residency, starting November 5th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The band is currently on tour with Def Leppard.

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  • Fudge man on

    Lots of bad comments about jews……………….go join Hamas and get bombed you turds.

    • Dana on

      Fudge Man,

      I don’t know how I possibly let these through. Can you please point me in the direction of the Anti-Semitic comments? As I stated before, I am VERY SENSITIVE to those types of comments. Perhaps, they weren’t blatant and had “undertones” that I failed to catch. I appreciate all your help.

      Dana from 🙂

    • Fudge man on

      I think the ones I saw May have been removed. When I first saw the comments I didn’t respond. I came back after I cooled down a bit so maybe the post I saw has been taken down? Either way good job Dana keep up the good work and don’t let nazis get to you.

    • Dana on

      Thanks Mr. Fudge Man,

      I really appreciate your lovely words. BTW, I am not sure if you name is euphemism for something naughty, but I am HUGE fan of the real candy fudge. Hot fudge sundaes are the best.

      Dana from 🙂

    • Fudge man on

      Also “nick” posted a comment referring to genes show “family jewels” as “family JEWLS”. See what he did there? Seems to me like losers throughout history who accomplish nothing always have to blame the jews because they have a miserable existence. Really sick and tired of it especially on a music site where everyone should feel welcome.

    • Dana on

      Thank you so much,

      I will look for that post and promptly remove it. BTW, You sound like a wonderful person. Sadly, this is a rarity nowadays.

      D 🙂

    • Fudge man on

      Thanks Dana! Unfortunately, with the Israel conflict anti semitic posts are seemingly at an all time high in my opinion. I personally think it’s rude and not welcome on a post about a musician. Just boggles my mind how ignorant people can be in 2014! Probably unemployed people in moms basement. Those are usually the people making these anti semitic remarks!

  • BRYAN on

    Man I’m telling you Paul and Gene really have in my opinion distanced themselves from their bread and butter core fans this last year with statements like this and the RRHOF sherade. Treating Ace and Peter like trash also has been a joke. I’m at the point I just wish these guys would go away. Funny you never hear Peter and Ace act or talk this way. They are far from poor but don’t make these stupid statements.


    Kiss is on a huge tour this summer,I don’t see any love from this site?

  • Ronnie on

    Every time you look out in the crowd Mr. Simmons you can see all the poor people who have given you a job.

  • Rudy the Roadie on

    I am sad to say no longer a Kiss fan.

    Gene is a greedy self absorbed loser my opinion as a former Green Beret that served his country for 11 years and has buddies buried. Well, without any more spittle I will see if this 3rd post gets past the “Free Press” Oh wait we Americans gave up our freedoms.

    • Dana on


      You get a free pass when the post is free of racist euphemisms, okay?

      Thank you so much for your service. I adore veterans and have donated to many charities over the years. However, racist comments and bigotry will not be tolerated on this site. So, if you feel that your past comments have been censored, I am sorry, but that is our policy.

      Dana from 🙂

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