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  • Cameron on

    Love the fact that the link is actually posted here. Yahoo! regularly advertises news and links but does not attach the video. Love it!

  • James K. on


    • James on

      AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know they’re the biggest metal band of all time, yada yada, but this is ridiculous. I’m starting to think their well is dry and they cant write anymore. I do like the Lords of Summer demo. If the album sounds like that (better production though) then I’ll eat my words. I’m just getting sick of all this other..well, crap they keep doing. Beyond Magnetic, Quebec Magnetic, Death Magnetic 2 (did that exist?LOL), the ridiculous Through The Never, I’m not even going to mention Lulu (whoops). I have a feeling they’ll start re-releasing their old albums remastered with a bonus track on each so people will actually buy them. I start ranting when it comes to Metallica because they were once my favorite band and I wish they’d just get back to the damn music!!!!!

  • Joe on

    Ahhh I just love the ESPN spots……Joe in The Cuse

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