Selena Fragassi of the Chicago Sun Times wrote a feature article on KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons. Select quotes from the piece appear below.

Discussing the fact that the KISS Catalog Ltd filed a trademark application to register “The End Of the Road” under the umbrella of live performances:

“…We can’t keep doing this forever. We are the hardest-working band in show business. If Jagger stepped into my Dragon Boots, he couldn’t last a half hour…[the band] doesn’t want to stay on stage a day longer than when we feel valid. … Remember we introduced ourselves as ‘When you wanted the best you got the best, the hottest band in the world.’ Not we ‘used to be’ the best.”

Stating, when and if, KISS does decide tp retire, you will not see bands of their ilk anymore:

“When we all started in this business, up until 30 years ago, there was actually a record ‘business.’ But once people started giving away music for free, the record industry died. Which means new bands couldn’t make a living and couldn’t quit their day job. Record companies were the best friends acts could have — they paid us money so you could quit your day job and be devoted to your art, which is the reason I got here.”

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  1. Kiss haven’t been “The best” for quite some time now. Cracks started showing and continue to show. But bands, at least hard rock bands, don’t get the support from big, major labels any more, that’s true. But labels were also notorious for ripping bands off. Not all bands had someone like Gene, who has a head for business. There’s several factors that led the industry to the state it’s in now. There’s always gonna be a rock audience, just maybe not to the level Gene and Kiss were lucky enough to experience. But as for Kiss retiring, I’d rather see them go soon than to keep up what they’ve been doing and that’s tarnishing the band’s legacy. I won’t even go into the whole “dressing Tommy and Eric up to look like Ace and Peter” thing. Musically, vocally (especially) they aren’t what they once were. I wouldn’t mind if they called it a career and retired as long as they retire the band completely, not recruit new members like they’ve said they’d do.

  2. I love Gene Simmons. I don’t always agree with The Demon, but I absolutely love him. I love he speaks his mind. I love he sometimes says things to get a rise out of people. I love that he doesn’t whine like his partner does. I love that he says what he says and then people shit on him and he keeps saying it. I love that he said ‘rock n roll is dead’, cause I understood what he really meant. I love that he’s hooking up with Ace and Vinnie and Peter and doing his Vault Experience because you know, and he knows, it’s probably really pissing Paul off. God things would be so boring without him. One day he’s going to be gone and we’re all going to really miss him.

    Btw I’ve really gotten into Dynasty again over the past year. That band was completely falling apart and that album is incredible. It’s like their version of Rumours.

    1. For a second there DR I thought you were comparing Dynasty to Rumours. I mean, I love Dynasty and think it’s a great album, but I wouldn’t compare it to Rumours. In fact, there aren’t too many albums that I would compare to Rumours! But to put out a quality album at the time of so much turmoil and tension, and surrounded by so many distractions and opinions says alot about a band.

    2. Doug, he was comparing it to Rumors and that is an awesome comparison and I have really been digging Dynasty too! Why are you crapping all over his comment with your nitpicking? 🙂
      DR, that comment is in the Hall of Fame of comments. I love the dichotomies all over Dynasty; at the end of side one, you have Peter’s dysfunction at not being able to cope with his fame and power. Then, you flip it over and there Gene is taking to it like a fish to…that is so freaking awesome. I just love Gene’s clear unadulterated vision of himself..and the way his musical influences are filtered through TV soundtrack music. Just check that bridge in X-RAy Eyes, which sounds like a Saturday moring superhero cartoon until you get that very timely feedback from Ace; that has to be one of the coolest moments in rock and roll right there. And Paul; he captures the essence of being in love with a woman better than anybody; that lead break he takes in “Magic Touch,” man, I’ve been there, that solo is exactly what I was feeling. Then, there’s Ace who is just in the ozone somewhere…it’s just astounding that they went from “Kiss” to “Dynasty” in five years! The progression is astounding…you hear that final lead break Ace takes on that record, and he sounds like he’s made out of rubber…..(his very fluid bass work on his songs is also a nice bonus). I would actually really appreciate more comments like DR’s….wow man, all is forgiven over here, you just went to the front of the class.

    3. The Fleetwood Mac comparison is right because Dynasty is actually a pretty serious record for them. It has that pronounced “70’s” introspective nature to it. Sorry DR, is that me getting too pretentious? your comment was better.

    4. Dude, how many Kiss Kola’s did you have yesterday? 😉 Wasn’t nitpicking or crapping on DR’s comment, well, maybe I was farting on it? LOL!!! You know how much I love KISS, and Dynasty! I guess what I was trying to say was, when was the last time you listened to Rumours? From beginning to end? Of course Dynasty is a great album, but Rumours? That’s the definition of perfection from a imperfect band! LB left Mac again, he’s left Mac so many times I lost count! But he’ll be back, because you can never break “The Chain!” 😉

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