Had a great couple interviews yesterday on TrunkNation on SiriusXM. First Robin Zander came in. Always great to see him and I’m convinced he made a deal with the devil to still look and sound as good as he does at 65! One of the greats! Then Lenny Kravitz joined me for an awesome interview! Lenny is a fan of my work and I have always been a fan of his. So it was so cool that he made time to just come and shoot the breeze about music. This interview can be seen/heard free to all now on my fan FB page or the siriusxmvolume FB page as it was shot and on FB Live. After my interview with Lenny out of nowhere Steven Tyler called Lenny’s phone on Facetime and we spoke to him! That happened off air but wish it was on, because Tyler was in rare form as always. So great! Hope to do more with Lenny soon.

Today Wendy Dio, Brann from Mastodon and Les Claypool of Primus were on Trunk Nation. All shows now On Demand on the SiriusXM app. The Kravitz/Zander show also airs on 106 this Saturday and Sunday 8-10P ET.

I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend., Shooting another episode of my new TV show TrunkFest. See it starting 7/1 on AXS TV 9:30P ET!

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