Gene-Simmons400 KISS frontman Gene Simmons spoke with about New York Post’s report that the band was being sued by Eric Carr’s heirs. Who are these guys suing you, [if it is not Eric Carr’s family]?

Simmons: We don’t know, we have no idea, our lawyers are trying to find out who these people are. The Caravello family — Eric Carr’s family — released a statement along with us, saying we have no idea who these people are, these are lies and we intend to find out who they are, and why they’re saying these things. For one thing, it’s slanderous. They’re saying that Eric hated being in the band. What? He was the sweetest guy in the world. Eric and the family and the fans have been slapped in the face by these people and we intend to make sure that there’s justice.


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  1. Hey Eddie, will we ever know? Is there anyone out there who can tell the story without being sued or hasnt been compensated for being tight lipped?

  2. Wage. $ is a Kiss screw job for decades. Bust yer ass and get the weekly instead of the percentage of the gate and swag…ask Vivian with Dio or Eric Singer. Vinny Vincent is in Nashville bombing Taylor Swift’s publishing house with tunes….one cut on her album is Kiss wage for 5 years.

  3. Don’t know anything about the lawsuit but, I think it would be a great gig. Eric Carr, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and Bruce Kulick seemed to be happy with the gig from what I’ve read and heard over the last 33 years. I would be glad to show up on time, play my instrument, Stay in great hotels, Ride in Limos, Nice tour bus, KISS JET. And, get a nice payday. You should have seen the way my band use to tour America. Remember, Kiss bought Eric Carr a new Porsche as soon as he joined the band and from what else I read, all those guys were paid 6 figures.

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