Judas Priest could easily rest on their laurels at this stage of their highly successful and influential career. However, the legendary metal band – singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis – refuse to do so as evidenced by the arrival of their eighteenth studio album overall – Firepower, which can be pre-ordered here.

Set for release on March 9th through Epic Records – the album is comprised of fourteen tracks of pure and highly inspired metal. To mark the occasion Priest has reunited with producer Tom Allom (the man behind the board for all of the band’s releases from 1979-1988, including such stellar classics as Unleashed in the East, British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith) and with Grammy Award-winning producer Andy Sneap also helping to raise the sonic bar even higher.

“Tom Allom has got this classic metal thing,” explains Halford. “And Andy is a bit more of a ‘modern metal producer’ but his thinking is a little bit different to Tom’s. And I think to get this balance between that classic old school metal to what Andy’s world is was just a remarkable coalescence.” “Tom Allom has been with us since 1979, so his knowledge of ourselves and our music in general is immense,” adds Hill. And according to Travis Priest returned back to a recording method that worked incredibly well on the band’s earlier classics – “We went back to the organic way of recording where it’s all of us in a room and we got to play together.”

The album’s first single, Lightning Strike will be available worldwide today (January 5th), watch the video below.

Full album pre-order and a PledgeMusic pre-order will also begin the same day which includes exclusive limited autographed colored vinyl, autographed vinyl test pressings, an exclusive Judas Priest t-shirt and an extremely limited number of Judas Priest autographed guitars.

Firepower track listing:

1. Firepower
2. Lightning Strike
3. Evil Never Dies
4. Never The Heroes
5. Necromancer
6. Children of the Sun
7. Guardians
8. Rising From Ruins
9. Flame Thrower
10. Spectre
11. Traitors Gate
12. No Surrender
13. Lone Wolf
14. Sea of Red

For more information, visit judaspriest.com.

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  • DR Is Live on

    I’m going to hope there’s better songs than this to follow. 14 tracks worry me though.

  • robert davenport on

    I agree DR ,
    I love priest- but not a fan of this song , and as far as 14 tracks worrying you … it worries me too –

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Roy Z is overrated. Priest have been fixated on being ‘metal’ for so long that they don’t write good songs anymore; they should listen to Jim Peterik songs because there was a time in the 80s when Priest could write songs that good that were metal songs. This would also divert them from being too fixated on their catalogue. Either that, or they just don’t care that much any more. And I’m staying home for the 3rd record in a row.

    • DR Is Live on

      I’m going to agree with my esteemed colleague from UC Berkley on all points including the last 3 albums. Everyone should run for cover now.

  • nick look on

    Hey people it’s not the 1980’s anymore it’s 2018.

    • Doug R. on

      Not fair to compare 2018 to the 80s, no band that was around in the 80s will ever top what they accomplished during that era. However, that doesn’t mean you should write them off today either. Of course there will never be another British Steel or Screaming For Vengeance, you can’t expect that, but there will ALWAYS be a British Steel and a Screaming For Vengeance! Greatness is timeless, and it never gets old! 80’s forever!

    • Rattlehead on

      I agree, Doug. And I love your quote “Greatness is timeless”…so true!

      While I have enjoyed recent releases of bands like Priest, Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, etc…I much prefer their music created in the 80s. And IMO, I think recent releases by Anthrax, Accept, Exodus, Testament, and Overkill are top notch releases and can indeed compete with the music these bands created in the 80s.

      We all grew up in the greatest/golden era for metal music…the 80s. We were privileged to have seen metal music reach its pinnacle and every new music/band we hear will automatically, fairly or unfairly, be compared to our golden 80s era.

      The two new Priest songs I have heard may not sound identical to vintage 80s Priest, but IMO, it still sounds like Priest. And that’s good enough for me…

    • Dana on

      Excellent way to put it, Rattle,

      “The greatest/golden era for metal music…the 80s.” In my opinion, no truer words, have been written.

      D 🙂

    • DR Is Live on

      Dudes it’s not like they’re playing a sport and are too old to compete. They’re not too old to create good music. Angel of Retribution is a fantastic record and that would be considered new-era Priest minus KK (relevant?). People aren’t expecting British Steele or Screaming for Vengeance. That’s an absurd defense to even respond with people who aren’t sheep. Perhaps there’s some good music to come from this album…we’ll find out soon enough. Priest had their moments on the last two albums, although Nostradamus was a huge stretch to begin with. But they brought Allom back, they’re promoting this as music relative from their biggest era back in the days Screaming and Defenders. Chances are it’s not even close and most aren’t expecting it. But that first song felt like a discard from Redeemer of Souls. Hopefully it gets better.

  • Keith G on

    I must be crazy, but I kinda dig this song. Is it up there with the classic songs off of “SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE”, “DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH”, or “BRITISH STEEL”? No, it isn’t. But it still sounds like Judas Priest. Some folks have to get over the fact that KK Downing has left the band, and that this version of Priest will NEVER sound like the band that made all of those classic albums of the 80’s that we all love. These guys are much older, and we should just be grateful that they are still out there putting out good metal music and touring. Richie F. is a great addition to the band, and I am glad they didn’t retire when KK left. Looking forward to the release of “FIREPOWER” and the upcoming tour with Saxon.

    • Keith G on

      Thank, Craig. NOSTRADAMUS wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I love ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION and REDEEMER OF SOULS. If FIREPOWER is as good as those two records, I will be a happy camper! No one should expect any of these classic bands to continue to sound exactly like they did in the 80’s. Hell, I am a lot different than I was back then! I’m just glad that bands like Judas Priest are still putting out good hard rock/ heavy metal music, and are touring. As we’ve seen recently with bands like AC/DC, RUSH, and Black Sabbath, the clock is ticking on all of these guys. Let’s make sure that we support them by BUYING the music that they release, and going to see the shows when we can.

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