judaspriest640 Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming full versions of songs from their upcoming album Redeemer of Souls, which will be released July 8th. Below is a preview of the song Battle Cry with an introduction from guitarist Richie Faulkner. Listen to it below.

In the past several weeks, Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming many of the songs from Redeemer of Souls. Click on the highlighted titles below to hear the corresponding song.

Redeemer of Souls
March of the Damned
Halls Of Valhalla


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  • XA351GT on

    So then why are you on here Staten Island Clown just to stir shit and get people pissed? Okay if you don’t like what Priest has been doing then why keep coming back? Why are you still listening to what they put out. Your entitled to your opinion, but when there are so few of the truly great bands still left out there why throw shit at what they are doing? Most newer releases from classics bands don’t have the same affect as the older tracks ,but this album’s material what I have heard is some of the best they have done in many years. That’s my opinion. Right ,wrong or indifferent.

    • doug r. on

      Exactly! Nice to see some people still get it.

    • staten island clown on

      They are actually riding on their own coattails, amazingly, the “metal god” now is just an empty suit. Why do I keep coming back? the vague hope that this might get back to them and they will wake up and either stop, or actually re-discover what made them want to make music in the first place….and you are way to forgiving.

  • staten island clown on

    They were actually a few steps ahead of, not just metal, but all of popular music at one point. THEY are the ones who set the standard, not me. They are clearly not living up to their standard, the one they themselves set. This may have worked if they had any semblance of their edge left, but they don’t!
    So, thank you, and I will just retire to my “Ram It Down” footage. When they still cut it! So, no they don’t get to rest on their past glories, and you, the fan, shouldn’t allow them to get away with it. YOU OWE the band to be mercilessly honest. And these guys, anytime they ever wrote a song for the radio, I never begrudged them, 1). they were too talented to not even mess that up 2). this is a band who paid their dues. But now, this is something completely different, this is really doing it for the money, look at what they’ve done since KK left, the repackaging, the “farewell” tour…this ‘paint by the numbers’ album.

  • brian on

    So glad to hear many of these songs have Rob only occasionally going into the statosphere; it makes those moments more impactful and his lower register is great! THAT is a trademark of early Priest that has been missing for many albums.

  • Gary B. on

    I think every song I’ve heard so far has been banging. I think Faulkner has actually re energized these guys musically. He stepped into a no win situation in trying to fill KK’s slot,and I think he’s pulled it off quite adequately. The guy can flat out ignite a fret board. Now here’s hoping they do a full scale tour for this,because I honestly don’t think they’re going to do many more at this stage of their career,and I’d love to catch them once more before the put the road cases in storage and park the tour busses for good….

  • staten island clown on

    That cover, like the Nostradamus cover (an album I cannot get through, I have given up trying!) is low budget. You’d think an institution such as Priest would use a real painting!

    • George on

      Are you kidding me???? Thought I told you months ago to get out of your mothers basement and get a job…if you’re going to troll around this site you may want to change your name…It’s pathetic that you just insert whatever band people are talking about and say the same tiresome crap…With no more Kiss and RRHOF talk you moved on to Judas Preist?? Who’s next ACDC??

    • staten island clown on

      George you sound like a bitch, seriously….I address the work of the artist, I don’t talk about anything personal.

    • George on

      You are only on here to stir things up…like every single post no matter the band…you never bring anything to the table except ignorance and the same tired garbage…Nothing personal about it…

    • George on

      And ripping them on the cover????? Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!

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