glenntipton400 Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton says he feared Judas Priest were dead and buried when K.K. Downing quit in 2011.

Tipton’s fellow guitarist retired ahead of Priest’s Epitaph World Tour and was replaced by guitarist Richie Faulkner who went on to appear on Redeemer Of Souls. But the shock of Downing’s departure left the rest of the band in fear that their decades-long careers had come to an end.

Tipton tells Metalholic, “It came as a surprise to us all. At that time, I really, truly thought the band were finished. We were poised to do a farewell tour and, of course, Ken decided he’d had enough of that. I respect his decision. It must have been a big decision to make. I think we’ve all been through that phase. We’ve been around for 35, 40 years. But we found Richie, and Richie is a small miracle, because the guy is such a great guitar player and he blended in so well first on stage. And then, of course, he’s worked so hard and contributed so much to the album that it’s just a miracle.”

The Epitaph World Tour was supposed to be the band’s farewell, but Faulkner’s influence soon changed their minds.

Tipton adds, “When we got new blood in the band, it was needed at the time. It would be the same thing; you get some new blood in there and there’s energy and enthusiasm — motivation. You see things in a different way. He just gave everybody a kick up the backside, really. We went from literally meaning it was our last tour to there’s such great songs on this album, it’s a shame we can’t get out and play them.”

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com

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    Yes the new priest album kicks ass, Scott is a kick ass drummer .can’t wait to see them live in Phoenix in November!

  • James K. on

    Even though Richie has clearly reinvigorated the band, it still is a fact these guys are getting up there in age and can’t go on forever. That being said, when they do finally decide to call it a career, I hope K. K. comes back for one last time, even if it’s just for their very last show…especially if it’s their very last show. And I agree with what DC said in his post. Say what you want about Scott’s drumming, whether people love it or hate it, the fact that he’s been with the band for 25 years deserves recognition and respect. No other Priest drummer comes close to that, not even Dave.

  • Aaron on

    Priest Is Awesome with or without K.K. Enough Said

  • Jonathan Grossweiler on

    Am I the only one upset that I had to pay $40 dollars to join the Steel Panther fan club in order to see Priest in Brooklyn. I can’t even get a refund. What a horrible decision for an opening band! Been a fan for 31 years and I’m not even looking forward to the show.

  • JT on

    Lets be honest here people, Redeemer Of Souls has its moments like cold blooded but they have not put out a masterpiece since Defenders!

    • DR on

      Please stop talking. Your original post about Holland was enough to get you banned on this site for life. Dana must have pity on you for some reason. Are you from the Make a Wish Foundation? Dave Holland over Scott Travis? In the name of Les Binks, what do you listen to man? Haven’t put out a masterpiece since Defenders? Is that when you stopped listening to the band? Did you miss Painkiller or Angel of Retribution? Why am I even responding to you? What new low have I sunken to?

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