Guitarist/Singer John Sykes (Tygers Of Pan TangThin LizzyWhitesnakeBlue MurderSykes) has released the official Parker Thibault-produced music video for a new song called Out Alive. The tune, which was recorded at least four years ago, is expected to appear on Sykes‘s long-awaited new solo album, Sy-Ops.

Out Alive is the second song from Sy-Ops  which is alleged to be released this year. On January 1st. 2021, he released the first video for, Dawning Of A Brand New Day, which can be seen here.

The album is reported to also have the songs Believe In Yourself and My Guitar.

As of January, John’s latest line up for his band is Blue Murder bandmate Tony Franklin (bass) and Fred Boswell Jr. (drums).

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    1. I agree , very similar to thin lizzy , johns voice has that raspy quality I really like in a vocalist , not crazy about the video it was not well lit , but what do I know … good song! hope he actually plays some shows ~

    1. I guess you have a problem with the vocal? I think John’s voice still sounds good, but I may be a bit biased. 🙂

    2. Not the vocal, not sure about the lyrics, hate the video. In my opinion, there’s too much violence out there in the world already, and I’m just tired of it. We see enough of it on TV and the internet, don’t need to see it in a music video, I already know what’s going on in this f–ked up world we’re living in right now, unfortunately. Music/videos (again, just my opinion) supposed to be a diversion, an escape, not a reminder of all the bullsh-t going on in my own backyard today.

    3. I agree, but Sykes has a history of writing about violence and injustice, even on the debut Blue Murder album, with songs like Riot, Valley of the Kings and Billy.

      However I agree, a nice, light, diversional rock song would be great.

    4. But sometimes people like Sykes seem to forget that injustices go both ways. Today, we need more songs like War’s – “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” instead of songs like this one.

    5. Doesn’t change my dislike for the video, or the lyrics. As I said, I love the music, I just had it with that kind of subject matter. Always been a Sykes fan and always will be, here’s to hoping that the rest of the album (when and IF) it ever comes out is a little less “heavy.”

  1. I enjoy the track (especially the solo). However none of these “new” songs sound nothing like Blue Murder as was anticipated. This is pure John Sykes solo. This particular song could have fitted nicely on his 1997 album “20th Century”. I’ve heard many people say they don’t care for those late 90s solo albums. Well maybe you should go revisit those because these current songs are in the same vein.

    1. I like the song and I get the video. But, for a guy who’s played violent video games, it is a bit extreme. Especially, the Joker scene where Robert De Niro gets a bullet in the head. What we need is a full album.

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