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  1. Raise Your Hands if you miss the good old days! Remembering days of skipping school, racing cars and being cool, with a six pack and the radio, we didn’t need no place to go, being Wanted Dead Or Alive, running Wild In The Streets, getting lost on Tokyo Road, falling In And Out Of Love, searching for that Homebound Train, having an ice cold beer while it’s 99 In The Shade, recovering from some Bad Medicine, being told You Give Love A Bad Name, needing Something For The Pain, feeling like you’re Living In Sin, but you didn’t care, because you had no Fear, you were just Livin’ On A Prayer. That was the good old days, every night was One Wild Night. Unfortunately, These Days really suck, I guess all we can do is Keep The Faith, and just Let It Rock!
    Somewhere in there is a top 20, I think! 😉

    1. Doug, the good old days are right here and now…your best days are always in front of you…you can always ride in your dream car…and listen to some great analog, forget Poison, where’s your W.A.S.P. top 20? Another great album I uncovered ..i.e., unmined gold from that era, is Kingdom Come’s Hands of Time…that is just a soundtrack to better living….I agree, music now is really bad…now, we have guys singing in their heart covered boxer shorts…but, that doesn’t matter, what matters is the awesome reverb on Inside the Electric’s plush, it’s decadent, and it works. Riley is great on it too..the ’80s were so great.

    2. Bryan Adams ~ “SUMMER OF ’69,” bro! – Those were the best days of my life!! 🙂

    3. Shannon, my favorite W.A.S.P. albums are the debut album and Headless Children. Banali was a beast of a drummer on Headless Children.

      Remember Kerrang! magazine? W.A.S.P. was the first to appear on the magazine cover before even having an album out! I remember their first ever release, the song “F*** Like A Beast”, had to be privately released in Europe and available only as import cuz of its profanity. W.A.S.P.’s response was the song wasn’t profane, rather that it was a love song.

      I’ve seen W.A.S.P. a few times, including when they were still a club act and they were throwing raw meat into the audience as part of their show. Fast forward a couple years after they got signed to a major label and their debut album was released, I had a chance to meet W.A.S.P. at a signing event before a concert. I told Blackie Lawless i was gonna sneak raw meat into the venue and throw the meat on stage. Blackie responded “Just don’t throw it at me”.

    4. I was only tree years old, but the “Summer Of ’69” is from the summer of ’85 😉

    5. Shannon, I’m rocking out with Rush right now (Canada day got delayed) so it’s kind of hard to think about another band at the moment, but I can tell you this, my favorite song from W.A.S.P. is definitely “I Wanna Be Somebody!” Always loved that f–king song!

    6. “Movin’ On” to Triumph! “Lay It On The Line!!!!” – 1 of my faves of all f–king time! As is the album Just A Game!

    7. i can’t listen to Touch of Evil now without hearing Tormentor…Rattlehead seems to have had a charmed life: seeing W.A.S.P. in the clubs…Randy Rhoads, I am wondering if you are really a famous person…Doug, please let us know when you are done with Canada..Bryan Adams is also Canadian..did you know Run to You is a song he wrote for Blue Oyster Cult that they turned down? …I have one Rush record, Signals..and the irony of that cover is too much for me…

    8. Yes, Shannon, I knew that, and of course Bryan Adams is Canadian! I was only able to spin some Adams, Rush, and Triumph yesterday, but I plan on continuing Canada Day on Friday! 😉 I love Blue Oyster Cult, but I am also glad that they turned down “Run To You,” not sure if it would’ve worked for them like it did for Adams, after all, he wrote it! With some help of course from Jim Vallance.

  2. Just got the first two Wasp albums on glorious CD waiting on the third to be delivered from across the pond Got Headless children when it came out great albums.

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