Guitarist/Singer John Sykes (Tygers Of Pan TangThin LizzyWhitesnakeBlue MurderSykes) has released the official Parker Thibault-produced music video for a new song called Out Alive. The tune, which was recorded at least four years ago, is expected to appear on Sykes‘s long-awaited new solo album, Sy-Ops.

Out Alive is the second song from Sy-Ops  which is alleged to be released this year. On January 1st. 2021, he released the first video for, Dawning Of A Brand New Day, which can be seen here.

The album is reported to also have the songs Believe In Yourself and My Guitar.

As of January, John’s latest line up for his band is Blue Murder bandmate Tony Franklin (bass) and Fred Boswell Jr. (drums).

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  • robert davenport on

    As a follow up to the songs content , as I understand, this was recorded almost 5 years ago , my guess is if he were to write new material in 2021 the subject matter was be very very different post pandemic , he seems like an intelligent and thoughtful guy
    I would love to hear something new in 2021 ,
    I’m sure he would have alot to say , not to mention that great guitar tone !

    • Dana on

      You are correct Robert, it was actually written even LONGER than five years ago. This material was supposed to be used in the pre Winery Dogs lineup when Sykes was in the band before Kozten.

  • Ray Gillen on

    Sounds dated to me , how long has this been in the can ? He`s one of my favorites and maybe my expectations are high but to me but this sounds like a cut that didnt make the nothing but trouble album. I would like to see him do a tour like generation axe .

    • Dana on


      You are correct, it is quite a bit older. I also wrote that this song has a We All Fall Down quality in the middle of the song, I also hear a strong Thin Lizzy influence, as well.

      To me, even a mediocre Sykes song (which I am not saying this is) is still heads and tails above most of the drek that one hears on the radio, and is supposed to pass for “music,” today. Yes, I am aware I sound like my grandparents when they spoke about my music, but it happens to be true. 🙂

  • jeff weaver on

    That first Blue Murder album had a certain feel to it, a groove that I was hoping would be replicated on this new release. Maybe it was due to the Bob Rock production.
    Also, if he has an upcoming release coming out, who is he signed to? The last I heard he parted ways with Golden Robot records. None of his new songs are on any of the music streaming platforms.

    • Dana on


      All good questions, I wish I had the answers, not even sure Eddie knows?

      Also, you are preaching to the choir about Blue Murder’s debut album, in my humble opinion, that is is one of the most underrated rock albums of all time. It’s funny, because one of the posters on the “Lost In Vegas” Pateron music review site that both myself, and NLTCrow are on, said he did not appreciate Rock’s work and a different poster said he really liked it. It’s so interesting to hear people’s varied opinions, I like you, happen to admire Rock’s production.

  • Rattlehead on

    I thought this was a great song! Great lead guitar work by Sykes, as anticipated.

    It appears a new album will be released soon….Finally!!! Sykes works slower than Axl Rose, which i never thought could be possible for any musician……

    • Dana on

      Yes, but I better you will like his work far better than Chinese Democracy. 😉

    • Rattlehead on

      You’re correct, Dana! I haven’t really liked an Axl album since…..well, I guess I’m still waiting! :o)

    • Dana on

      Yes,I know how you feel about Guns (a one album band). 🙂

    • Charles Clinchot on

      Yes Dana, the first Blue Murder album was underrated.

      I won the cassette at the boardwalk on seaside heights NJ and was blown away and immediately got the CD. I love the song Jelly Roll.

      Also, now that I think of it, Dana, GnR is definitely a one album band, as well as the original lineup, who saw them with Aerosmith and Deep Purple. (Yes the concert were Paradise City video was shot). They were great, and unless the original lineup tours, I wouldn’t see them.

    • Dana on


      Jelly Roll is also one of my favorite songs, and to this day, I find it impossible not to tap my foot along while Sykes plays those acoustic riffs.

      D 🙂

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