diohearnaidpro640Ronnie James Dio’s widow/manager Wendy Dio has confirmed that the Hear ’N Aid project has been resurrected with proceeds going to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund.

“We are in talks right now with a couple of record labels to reissue Hear ’N Aid, with the funds going to Stand Up And Shout (Cancer Fund),” she said during an appearance on the March 30th edition of Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM satellite radio show, Eddie Trunk Live. “We have so much stuff that was never released before, behind-the-scenes stuff that was shot during the whole time. We have photos galore of everybody that was involved in it, and I think it’ll be fantastic. We just have to work on it. It may not come out this year, because I want everything to be perfect, as Ronnie would want it to be, but I am in talks about it and that will be coming out.”

Wendy also revealed that a new Hear ’N Aid-style song will be recorded by classic and current artists to raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, which has already raised close to $1 million.

“That’s something we’re working on as well,” Wendy added. “We wanna make something really special for the fans and to raise money, of course, for the cancer fund.”

On May 20th and May 21st, 1985, the metal community gathered at A&M Records Studios in Hollywood, California to record “Stars” which as released as 7″ and 12″ versions, with funds going to famine relief in Africa.

The project included contributions from Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ted Nugent, Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister, Queensrÿche, Blue Öyster Cult, Y&T, Journey, W.A.S.P. and Night Ranger among many others.

A documentary was shot of the recording process and released simultaneously.


source: bravewords

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  1. First, let me say that I appreciate this good cause, and support it.
    Having said that, I’m old enough to remember this coming out, and it seems so “Spinal Tap” to me now. It frightens me to think about how much blow probably went down during the 1985 video shoot. I also remember being surprised that Blue Oyster Cult was mixed in with all these Metal bands, yet one of the best guitar solos came from BOC’s Buck Dharma.

    1. They were not all metal bands-Neal Schon of Journey was in there,members of Vanilla Fudge as well. A good cause none the less and dig deep into B.O.C. releases,the BLACK and BLUE tour with Sabbath was legendary.

  2. I bought the original Hear ‘n Aid when it was first released all those decades ago. I was 16 at the time. It was for a great cause and it proved metal musicians had heart. Whenever it gets re-released, it’ll be for another great cause and I’ll definitely buy it again.

    It’s hard to believe Ronnie has been gone nearly five years. I’m not ashamed at all to admit that I cried my eyes out when I heard he had passed away. And the “Dedicated To Dio” special show Eddie did on VH1 Classic was a great tribute to Ronnie. Ronnie’s passing left a hole in the heart of the heavy metal community that can never be filled.

    1. It was and still is, sad .
      He was my favorite vocalist and one of my favorite frontman.
      Ya know if he was still alive today at 72 he would still be playing lol !!
      Saw him live alot of times solo . I remember the master of the moon tour I was waiting for him to come to mpls. mn like he always does but he cut the tour short here in the us (about a month and a half or so )He played 4 hrs south of me in Iowa and now I always wished I would have went there if i’d known. Luckily I was able to see him here with Tony, Geeze, and Vinney a year or two later.

      I sure hope Wendy will try to come up with some more video of live concerts for the fans . Dont know how well they sell but…………

  3. I am very excited about this,having made my own vhs,cd,and DVD of this for the! last thirty years! As for the Rainbow reunion,I could care less. Dear Ronnie,without you….Nothing.

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