What might be a brand new Guns N’ Roses song has leaked online, and according to MetalSucks, guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal has actually confirmed that the song is legitimate – although that verification has subsequently been deleted.

The song, titled Going Down, features lead vocals from bassist Tommy Stinson, with Axl Rose on backing duties. Listen to it below.

Guns N’ Roses has not released any new music since 2008′s Chinese Democracy.

additional source: metalhammer.co.uk

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  • Lee on

    Use Your Illusion tour was okay, the mix of everybody was great on the new stuff. Chinese D was too many indians, one lost chief Axl. This thing now is just Axl with some dudes doing some garbage. Get Slash & Fergie to put a band together, tear it up like Big Brother ’67.

  • T on

    I wonder what Winger thinks about this situation?

    • richman on

      WINGER, HOOKERS N BLOW JOBS, both GREAT WHITES, both QUEENSRYCHES, both L.A. GUNS, and everybody else are leaking shit with non vocalists singing .

    • DR on

      Best post on this topic T. What does Winger think about this situation? Someone call the Holiday Inn in Tuscon where they’re playing and ask for Kip.

  • Omar on

    Leaked = musically we’re lost and are going to throw stuff on the wall and see if anything sticks.

    I saw them in NYC when Thal first joined and I thought they were better than expected but they did the same ole BS of making you wait way too long for them to come out on stage. If it happened once a tour you chalk it up to “it happens” but when you’re known for being inconsiderate – F-YOU.

  • Geno on

    You guy are freaking hilarious! I couldn’t agree with you guys more! When Appetite came out, I was the lone guy who didn’t care for it. I know “sure you didn’t” but I was (and still am) a huge Crue fan. I never fully understood the appeal of GNR. I like some of their music but Rock n Roll hall of shame…REALLY…and based on ONE album??!! You cant count the Illusion or Pasgetti albums because they stunk!!! That leaves Appetite and Lies, If you base it on those two then there on pretty thin ice!

    The interest in these guys is gone and they have all been better separately than they where together, MY OPINION!

    • DR on

      I was very partial to Theater of Pain despite Home Sweet Home. Very bluesy record. Crue didn’t get enough credit for that record. Shout at the Devil also had a lot of good stuff if you look past the singles.

  • richman on

    CRUE fan, Thanks for the complement. NEW TATOO in my opinion is a great comeback album after a hiatus. Castillo (RIP) was a nice fit and metal music itself was passe at the time, so that album for me brought it back for sure. MAIDEN did BRAVE NEW WORLD close to the same time so the genre got a nice lift. Definitely a fun time. APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, however was and is truely the last standout album of the rock era. It goes alongside the all time great albums and may be the best rock album ever done by an American band. Heavy metal went in decline after APPETITE cause it could go no higher. It is the definitive album of the 1980s for certain. Not better than SABOTAGE of course but not too far off.

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