Guns N’ Roses has just released a brand new song titled, Hard Skool (listen below), which was originally called Jackie Chan, and recorded during the Chinese Democracy era but was eventually left off the album.

Hard Skool is the second old/new Guns N’ Roses song to be released in less than two months. It follows the arrival of Absurd, a reworked version of a previously unreleased track called Silkworms, which came out on August 6th, and can be heard here.

Guns N’ Roses is currently out on the road, with special guest Wolfgang Van Halen’s band, Mammoth VH, remaining dates are as follows:

September 26 – Baltimore, MD @ Royal Farms Arena
September 29 – Raleigh, NC @ PNC Arena
October 2 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock Live Arena
October 3 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock Live Arena

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  1. I saw GNR last night. W. Axl Rose bowed after every song.  Weird.  He still sings pretty good but not great.  I’m sure he’ll be lip syncing in 5-10 years though. Killer setlist last night and played over 3 hours with no intermission! Don’t think I ever got better value at a show before.
    Debuted Coma and Shadow Of Your Love last night for the first time on this tour.  The sound mix wasn’t very good.  Slash and Duff drowned out the rest of the band and everything sounded muffled all night.  Couldn’t hear the rhythm guitarist at all.  He and Slash did dual solos back and forth at one point and it was blatantly obvious Richard Fortus was turned down much lower than Slash.  Didn’t hear a single note from Melissa Reese all night. They matured.  The bad boy image is long gone.  The majority of the crowd was my age (47) or older.  The crowd cheered loudly after each song but there was just no energy from the crowd during the songs.  No crowd surfing, no moshing, no headbanging, etc. Guess we’re old lol.  It wasn’t crazy like it would’ve been 30 years ago. Concerts just don’t excite me anymore so I don’t think I’ll be going to many more shows but I’m happy I got to see GNR for the first time with Slash, Duff and Dizzy.

    1. I saw the first leg of the Not In This Lifetime tour with Lenny Kravitz opening. Lenny was awesome, and when Axl first hit the stage, his voice was not good, but definitely improved as the night went on. They played a long set, maybe two-and-a-half to three hours? It was good, but I did not feel the need to see it again.

      I saw them in their prime, when Izzy was still in the band, and they were soon to release their Illusion albums. Stradlin performed Dust and Bones, and I immediately loved the song.

      The biggest issue? Skid Row opened, went on at 8:00 pm, got off at 8:50pm. Guns did not come on until almost midnight, maybe 11:45pm? I thought there was going to be a riot at the Nassau Coliseum, the entire place started shouting “bulls–t.” The rumor going around was Axl was watching a movie, with his then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, and wouldn’t go on until it was finished. They played for three hours, and I have to admit, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I can only imagine what the union fees were, I think anything after midnight was double the price.

      I also saw them play with Metallica and Faith No More at Giants Stadium. That show was cut short when Axl stormed off the stage after getting hit with a projectile, after warning the audience when he got hit the first time around.

      Finally, I saw Axl, with his new solo band, when he came out of seclusion and played five nights of exclusive, star studded shows at one of the smaller theaters in the city, maybe the Gramercy? Eddie took me, that was pretty spectacular.

      Ironically enough, I was standing right next to Lenny while waiting for Eddie. Talk about coming full circle…

  2. Hi Dana,
    Awesome story, thanks for sharing! I love Lenny Kravitz too! Such a multi-talented amazing musician! Considering he and Wolfie play all the instruments on all or most of their respective recordings, I think it would be special if they toured together!

    1. and Richie Kotzen does, as well.

      Kravitz, Van Halen, Kotzen and Sykes. Sykes would most likely not do it, but an old girl can dream-LOL!

      Also, you’re welcome, no need to thank me.

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