Gus N’ Roses has released a new song called Absurd across all digital music providers, listen to it below.

The band is currently on the road, with their next stop being Detroit, MI on August 8th. Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth VH is the opening act for the trek, see the band’s entire tour itinerary, here.

Guns is reportedly working on a new studio album — the first since 2008’s Chinese Democracy and the first to feature original members Axl RoseSlash and Duff McKagan since 1993. 

Dana’s note: Refresh browser if you are having issues viewing.

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  • Rattlehead on

    I think this song should have been called “A Turd”, not “Absurd”, cuz it was terrible.

    • Dana on

      Excellent, Rattle,

      You are also a winner. Very clever…LOL!!!

  • Rattlehead on

    The song is “Absurd”. G n R being in the RRHOF is “Absurd”. Not letting Steven Adler participate more on the reunion tour is “Absurd”. Not having Izzy on the reunion tour is “Absurd”. Any release by G n R after “Illusion” is “Absurd”. Gn R’s popularity is “Absurd”.

    • shannon mehaffey on

      According to Don Arden, the band isn’t even on their first record; those are professional session musicians, including the singer. Also, Ron Mancuso got the same deal Bob Daisley got for Bark at the Moon; he wrote all of that music, not Jake.

    • Dana on

      …But Axl sounds a lot like said professional singer.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    I did notice Dana your little blurb about having trouble viewing the video. I did have trouble….. I heard and saw the video, and refreshing my browser is not gonna work at fixing what I heard and saw.

    • Dana on


  • Charles Clinchot on

    Appetite, and the Lies EP, I liked. I saw them on tour with Aerosmith, and Deep Purple, but when Illusions came out, I liked some, but in all was disappointed. They should have just released one album. not two, after that I lost interest. Democracy, I borrowed from a friend to listen to, another disappointment.

    I won’t spend money on a tour with only three original members, when I saw them in their prime.

    Also, with the new Maiden song out it’s ok, but still looking forward to the new album, but with GnR recent pile of poop, it would be absurd to think I’ll be looking forward to any new album by them. I rather spend my money on new the Myles and Slash album.

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