Join Def Leppard for a celebration 40 years in the making. The High ‘n’ Dry 40th Anniversary Retrospective is a worldwide broadcast premiere event, featuring brand new interviews with Def Leppard and more.
Watch Joe, Rick, and Sav reveal behind-the-scenes stories from their legendary 1981 release, while Phil and Viv discuss the album’s impact on their own musical trajectory and the world of rock and roll.
Complete with High ’n’ Dry influences from fellow colleagues with answers to fan questions sourced directly from the Vault and Leppard socials, this hour+ filmed event premieres only inside the Def Leppard Vault.
Have a question about High ‘n’ Dry? Send your questions (written or as a video) to [email protected] for a chance to contribute to this incredible broadcast,
Broadcast date: August 28th
Broadcast time: 9pm BST – 4pm EDT – 1pm PDT
Admission grants entry to the live-streamed event, a 24-hour replay pass, and access to exclusive merch bundles.
Digital Event Tickets and Limited Edition Event Bundles on sale now, plus new Def Leppard Vault merchandise on sale during the event. Want more info? Check out the event FAQ

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  1. “High ‘n’ Dry” is my favorite Leppard album. I remember how disappointed I was when I heard the first song “Rock! Rock!” off the “Pyromania” album, and hoping the next song, and then the next song, etc…would be a rocker similar to the “High ‘n’ Dry” album…..sadly, it never came.

    Dana, I’m sure “Pyromania” is your fave cuz it was your first Leppard album. My faves always tend to be my “firsts” from any band. My first Leppard album was “On Trough the Night”, but “High..” is my favorite from Leppard.

    1. Maybe, Rattle,

      I love both HN’D and Pyromania, and when I write that one barely eeks the other out, it is so true.

      To add to the “firsts” discussion, Screaming For Vengeance was my first Judas Priest album., and to this day, it still my favorite album of all time, by both the band, and in general.

    2. Dana, my first Priest album was “Unleashed…”, and I bought it cuz I thought the album cover looked cool. It’s still my fave Priest album. It may not be my favorite album of all time (that would be KI$$ Alive!), but “Unleashed…” is definitely one of my “desert island” albums!

    3. No, Pyromania isn’t as hard as High ‘N’ Dry, but not every album or song has to be hard to be good, only sex does! 😉

  2. “X” and the self-titled album from 2015 are as good as “High and Dry” and “Pyromania.” Leppard has continued to make great music since the 80s, but I think it’s hard sometimes to accept new music by our favorite artists when our ears are so nostalgic.

    1. That is a good point. I like Paper Sun from Euphoria, and have that CD somewhere, but I hardly listen to it. Eddie was also kind enough to send me a copy of Yeah!, and I enjoyed some of their covers.

      Maybe, I will look into the two you suggested?

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