richiesambora400 Richie Sambora has suggested that Bon Jovi aren’t the real McCoy without him. Although, he accepts that frontman Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t agree with that statement.

The guitarist says his departure from the band was his own decision. And he admits he’s found it frustrating being seen a less important member than the singer.

Long-standing tensions between the pair boiled over last April, when Sambora failed to appear for a string of tour dates and was replaced by Phil X, who’d covered for him while he was in rehab in 2011.

Neither side has fully discussed the reasons for the disagreement. But in the summer Sambora predicted it would all be over in a matter of months, which proved to be untrue.

He tells the Herald Sun, “It was an unpopular decision with the fans and the band, but sometimes a man’s got to do for his family. It certainly didn’t come down to money – it’s something I needed to do for my family and myself.”

Sambora says of his absence, “At the end of the day, if you’re going to buy a can of Coke you want the real thing. I know Mick Jagger wouldn’t tour without Keith Richards and call it the Rolling Stones. Jon just has a different mentality.”

Sambora remains disappointed at how his contribution has been viewed, saying: “For the longest time, even now, I’m considered Bon Jovi’s side-arm or something. Hey, I built this band too.”

But the door still isn’t closed on a reunion. “I’m not saying the band will not get back together at some point,” he states. “There will have to be a lot of communication, a lot of talking.”

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  • Lee on

    Hey Dana, ask the 20,000 how they liked seeing Foreigner play near Dallas with nobody onstage remotely Foreigner….they were a joke and Mick Jones was back in London catching 50% of the purse for the night. Scott Ian needs money, a stool and a mike to make his rent. “Hello, Mr. Def Leppard manager, this is Gene Simmons, you guys are three on a bill with that 80’s night concert tour each year, please join us”. If you see Bon Jovi with X and usually 45,000+ in Europe….you’d realize nobody gives a rat’s ass with RS gone….if he showed up it would be 45,000+ each night and the same damn noise and Jon loses 30% of the gate & mechandising. He’s a cooked hamburger.

    • Dana on


      I am not sure what your point is as I have never taken any sides on any of the issues that you have presented. The fans can really influence whether or not a band succeeds. As Eddie says, you vote with your wallet. If you don’t like something, don’t support it, simple as that.

      Finally, I find that some people get way too invested in these things and it can turn a constructive, intelligent debate into a nasty, incendiary immature rant on a dime. While I certainly understand that fans of music are very passionate, the level of anger that I read on here sometimes, just seems so unnecessary.

      Dana 🙂

    • Bon Posie on

      Dana, I’m really not angry, I just felt Bon Jovi was more a product of his photogenic looks than bland tunes (except for Runaway) and I think Dee Snider once referred to as “Happy Metal?” With Foreigner, TMS is an entertaining show usually whoever is on, it is just kind of weird that he is the only original dood left and it’s still called Foreigner. It probably should be better represented as “Mick Jone’s Foreigner” as he is the only original dood left-just saying.

    • Dana on


      My comment wasn’t directed to you personally, but was an “overall” impression about the entire thread.

      As for Bon Jovi, I see your point. However, maybe it was the band’s goal to have mass commercial appeal and success and there is nothing wrong with that business model.

      I can appreciate great musicianship as much as the next person, but many times the simplest of melodies has a much greater impact than a complex one.

      Dana 🙂

    • DR on

      I don’t blame people for taking their bands emotionally. But people need to realize it’s not 1985 anymore. The dreams of bands playing harmoniously together are done. Most of these guys didn’t get along back in their heyday, never mind now when dollars are at a premium. It’s 100% about the business. And sometimes what’s best for the fans is best for business, but a lot of times it’s not. It’s about what a band can get away with now and still make money. So whether it’s KISS without Ace and Peter, Sabbath without Ward, VH without Anthony, Bon Jovi without Sambora, it’s going to continue to happen and there’s no point in some of the venom that gets spewed nowadays on this site. We used to have a lot more fun here in Trunkland when we were making fun of Jack Russell’s band of Pirates or Phil Collen’s lack of wardrobe. 1987 Bon Jovi is dead, 1977 KISS is gone, 1987 GnR is gone, 1983 VH is gone and most of it is never coming back unless the payday is massive. So we can either enjoy what’s left of our bands from our respective youths or bitch, whine and complain like a bunch of old men. Me personally I’d rather make fun of Foreigner and the fact people pay money to not see an actual real member of the band. That is priceless, and I hate to admit it, but as a business person I somewhat admire Mick for getting away with it.

    • gary on

      foreigner was always mick jones , even the original lineup was all hired guns even lou graham

  • Lee on

    My wallet woulda been angry in Texas watching Foreigner come onstage with nobody from any hit onstage and Mick in London. Who goes to these jokes? Anger means change. Jon knows Sambora is not needed in ’14 though Child’s lyrics and progression are getting stale like Nashville tunes.

  • Allen C. on

    Richie doesn’t need Jon Bon Jovi to be a success, he should start his own band! Richie has the talent. The problems between him & Jon is probably why Alec John Such left cause of Jon’s big fat ego!

  • Lee on

    Alec was sleep walking onstage, I agree with Sambora on that one.

  • Yocal Local on

    Lead singers are generally assholes. It’s in their DNA. Just look at some of the problem child bands and it usually all comes down to a singer that is an asshole. I side with Ritchie on this. But honestly Bon Jovi has done anything remotely hard rock in 15 years. They are a soccer mom band now.

    • metalmania on

      Haven’t been into Bon Jovi for a long time now, but soccer mom’s or not they are still selling a LOT of tickets. I’m of the opinion Sambora was more than “just the guitar player” in Bon Jovi, that band – when I was a fan as a kid – was always more than just Jon. I think it would have been a big deal back then for the fanbase if Sambora left or was kicked out. Today, given the audience, I don’t know that most of them care. If the majority really are women who just want to see Jon, I guess it doesn’t matter. Personally, if I were to go see them I’d rather see Sambora (no disrespect to Phil X) but I’m not buying tickets for them today.

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