As previously reported, guitarist/singer/songwriter John Sykes has completed work on a new album.

Now, Sykes’official website is reporting that they have released a sample selection of John’s latest music. Listen to samples here.

Sykes’ last release was 2004’s Bad Boy Live!


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    1. Not at all Harry-LOL!! As a matter of fact, I was so unimpressed that instead of jumping up and down 20 times, it was only 10. 😉

      Long live King Sykes.

      D 🙂

  1. Won the first Blue murder tape at chance wheel at seaside heights NJ wore it out so much that had get the cd version phenomenonal album Jelly roll is great song

  2. I know I’m opening a can of worms but …
    The studio follow up to Thunder and Lightning could have been Lizzy’s greatest release ever. The band was on fire with Sykes at that time. I believe they were finally going to break it in the states. If only the story could have had a different ending … we miss you Philo.

    Best of luck Sykes. Good to hear your guitar and vocals again.

    1. After “Black Rose” Thunder and Lightning is Lizzy’s best record. Sykes was a monster. Check out the “Live/Life” record. Sound could be better, but they were killing it!

  3. I would not call them HUGE before Sykes joined. They had noterierty in Europe and other countries
    but not in the USA.

    Slide It In really started to open the US market to them. 1987 was their sellout hair metal poser over blown bloated release with power ballads and ready made MTV tunes…like some other acts of that genre started doing.
    Slide It In,IMHO, is proabbly one of the best hard rock releases of the 80’s. I really dont listen to any
    of their material after that.

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