Iconic guitarist George Lynch was a guest on Eddie’s SiriusXM show on June 14th. An excerpt from the interview appears below via

When asked whether the rumors are true that he was asked to join the current touring lineup of Ratt — presumably alongside singer Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier for their upcoming shows without Warren DeMartini —Lynch responded, “Mmm-hmm. We just couldn’t come to an agreement on it. They haven’t called me back. I’ve been staring at the phone. My wife’s like, ‘Honey, want to go to bed or eat something?’ I’m like, ‘I’m waiting for the Ratt phone to ring.’ I’m good with it.”

Ratt recently announced plans to move forward with Pearcy and Croucier and as as-yet-unrevealed lineup of other musicians. They also revealed some tour dates, which can be viewed, below.

Tour dates:

Jul. 7 – Mulvane, KS – Kanas Star Casino
Jul. 13 – Costa Mesa, CA – Pacific Amp @OC Fair
Jul. 21 – Detroit, MI – Chene Park Amp

Sep. 7 – Hinckley, MN – Grand Casino
Sep. 29 – Las Vegas, NV – Fremont

Oct. 5 – St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theatre
Oct. 6 – Manistee, MI – Little River Casino
Oct. 12 – El Paso, TX – Speaking Rock
Oct. 13 – Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory
Oct. 14 – Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete St
Oct. 17 – Little Rock, AR – Arkansas State Fair
Oct. 25 – Worley, ID – Courdalene Casino

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  1. Who is Eddie Truck?? LOL!!

    All joking aside, whether a guitarist chooses to continue to play music, or not, really has nothing to do with their musical/technical prowess. Warren can play, he will always be able to play, regardless of whether he is active in the music industry.

    Eddie Van Halen has not written any original compositions since 2012, but does that mean he can’t play? High doubtful. Vito Bratta put his guitar down in the 90’s, but I venture to guess, that he can still play.

    Maybe DiMar chooses not have any side projects? As much I adore Lynch, many people accuse him of overextending himself, by being in far too many bands. So, the question is really inconsequential, even though the answer is obvious as DiMar co-wrote some of Ratt’s biggest hits, such as: Round And Round, Lay It Down, Dance, Way Cool Jr., Shame, Shame, Shame (one of my personal favorites) and Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job.

  2. I agree, but Tyger of Pan Tang posted that DiMartini inherited a lot of family money, so that maybe a possible explanation as to why he isn’t motivated to be out on the road or recording new music. You want to talk about being frustrated? Try being a die hard John Sykes fan. 😯

    As for why Ratt never made it as big as Motley Crue, I honestly think that had way more to do with image, than music. I know many people who felt that Ratt was a far superior band to the Crue, but Motley had more of a look (just ask any woman which band they thought were cuter). They also probably had better management and a much more dynamic live set (due to all the effects). I saw Ratt on their Dancing Undercover tour with Poison. I still have my shirt and ticket stub from Madison Square Garden that reads “Ratt Poison”-LOL. I remember thinking that Ratt were much better live band than Motley (save for Tommy Lee), but the Crue had a much more visually interesting show.

    As for White Lion, I know many people who loved Vito Bratta, and considered him a very accomplished guitarist. But, I guess the politics of the music business, and the drama of being in a band, just did not appeal to him anymore.

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