blacksabb2013 Gary Graff of Billboard reports:

Geezer Butler says that he’s happy that he and his Black Sabbath mates Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi “were able to come together and do one final album”-13, which comes out June 11th and is currently streaming on iTunes.


“Well, I guess you should never say never,” the bassist tells Billboard. “It could be, though. We’ll see how this album goes, see what happens.” And Osbourne, who’s appearing on his first Sabbath studio album since 1978’s Never Say Die, also prefers caution when talking about future Sabbath recordings. “Let’s put it this way; it’s taken us 35 years to do this one,” he notes with a laugh. “So if there’s gonna be (another) album there’s gonna be an album but I don’t want to say if there’s going to be a follow-up. I wouldn’t mind doing another Sabbath album with them, though.”

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  • Johnny Polli on

    Dio is a legend and master of the craft, but regarding this article we’re talking original Sabbath here, and it deserves respect, and some separation. Inaccurate to compare the 2 bands, as they’re different in many ways. We all miss him, but that’s just not the point here. Some people were squawking at a party this weekend about 13, and only heard the 1 song! No Bill, but-No matter what, having the record is much better than NOT having one.

  • Johnny Polli on

    Nope, Never heard of Wino or Dorian, think you missed the point it’s classic hard rock and heavy metal. Clutch is just awful, …sorry. But they’ll get their exposure this year (…this year).

  • Fred Glass on

    Great to see that Jake E Lee and Buck Dharhma from Blue Oyster Cult will be on this seasons TMS. Good work Eddie! I like some doom metal and stoner rock besides heavy metal and hard rock. But I understand about ratings and stuff. Most people dont know who Candlemass is or Fu Manchu is. I know its also about scheduling guests too. It would be great to have Paul and Gene on, or Eddie, or Ian Gillan or Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. I wanted to say that I like the previuos hour long format of TMS with the pick 5 topics, the throwdown, etc. I dont enjoy the new format as much.

  • eighties on

    your friday night show on the radio is hard to listen too with all the new music u play…
    we know that the only reason those guests are coming on your show is to talk about their new music…
    but EDDIE their new music just sucks real bad,, sorry but it sucks bad man,,, then on top of it all
    you play the mtv hits that we have heard too many times…. PLEASE EDDIE im just as passionate about music as you are, but LIMIT THE NEW SONGS BECAUSE IT JUST A HORRIBLE LISTEN
    please play more of the classic eighties metal/glam but just make sure you include deeper tracks
    instead of the well known mtv songs.. but i know its all about the ratings so i get it.. but what’s the point in tuning in your radio show if you are gonna play the same metallica songs, or the same judas priest songs… there are so many greater songs u have NEVER played but we hear you saying all these new stations signing up for show ,, but where is that classic eighties hard rock /metal song that was not played on mtv 50 times day,,, that’s the song that will get a young music fan to pick up a guitar and maybe ten years down the road we may get another appitite for destruction BECAUSE THE NEW MUSIC YOU PLAY LIKE BUCKCHERRY WHICH IS HARD TO LISTEN TO,,, WON’T DO IT..

    • Eddie on

      Not sure you are listening to the right show? For 30 years I have played new and classic hard rock and metal. And could not disagree with you more about the quality or importance of new music! I don’t live in the 80’s. Love it, but not stuck there. Love the 70’s, love new stuff. Balance is key. Over 2 million people purchased Buckcherry 15, you really think I shouldn’t play that once in a while? More importantly you don’t think that band has the spirit of the old music you love? Wow! Variety within the music I deal with is important and has been the case for 3 decades, so it’s working for most.

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