Frank DiMino of Angel discussing the band reuniting for an awards show and their future:

“It’s been one month since the Vegas Rocks! Hair Metal Awards and I had such a great time seeing and hanging out with all the guys. It started Saturday when Barry and I went to pick up Punky and Felix at the hotel and we drove over to meet Gregg at Ron Mancuso’s studio, “The Hideaway” where we did the Eddie Trunk Podcast. As soon as it started a very weird thing happened… we all slid into “Angel mode” and bonded all over again. The five of us grew up and went through a special time in our lives together so we were working our way through a lot of good feelings and emotions. Even though we have always kept in touch, it had been 35 years since all of us were together in one room. By the time Sunday came, it felt like 35 years had never passed. Then doing the red carpet and being backstage with all the bands and musicians it felt especially great being there as Angel. Getting the award from Sally Steele and Vegas Rocks Magazine and having it presented to us by Eddie Trunk was the topping on a great weekend that manager Peter Kalish worked very hard to help put together. Great ride, next stop… who knows?”

Watch Angel receiving the, Glam Rock Legend Award, below:

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  1. Eddie — would it kill you to dress up a little bit in a situation like the one in Las Vegas where Angel received the award(s)? T-shirts are sometimes not the best thing to wear for special occasions.

    1. Really? Thanks for the fashion advice but maybe open your eyes before making judgements and see that I am wearing a jacket over a T shirt, like 4 of the 5 guys in Angel! Unreal…

  2. Eddie was right when he said either you loved angel or you had no idea who they were lol! I loved angel !
    I would love to tell you a couple of cool stories I have about meeting them and hanging out with Punky, great guy- I really hope they do something together ! it would be amazing , frank still looks and sings remarkably well , and after watching Punkys youtube clip of his show at bb kings , he is still a helluva player as well, so c’mon it has to happen ! Eddie call Punky and Frank and work your magic!

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