James Hetfield has confirmed that Metallica have completed recording their 10th album and it’s now in the mixing stage.

Additionally, he believes that fans won’t feel let down after waiting eight years for the follow-up to Death Magnetic.

Speaking earlier this month, Hetfield told NBC Sports, “We’re mixing it now. Hopefully by fall it’ll be out and hitting people’s ears.

He added, “We’re super-stoked about it. It’s been a long time coming. The next album is exactly what it’s supposed to be, so we’re excited about it.”

Lars Ulrich has revealed this week that a planned extended release of Metallica’s 1982 demo No Life ’Til Leather has been delayed as a result of unpredicted legal issues.

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  1. Thrash is my favorite style of music. I love the first Kill em All thru Justice. While I understand, from a business and so called “creativity” standpoint, why the band changed its style for the Black album, i prefer their classic thrash material. Metallica has abandoned the thrash style and moved on into a new musical direction. While some say that Death Magnetic was a return to their thrash style, i disagree. While it was a step in the right direction of thrash, i still felt it came up short. I fear the band has lost the desire to create a thrash album. To support the band, i will buy this new album and hope for the best.

  2. Will be nice to hear some new stuff from the guys. Nothing wrong with Lars’ drumming or the sound of his snare on St. Anger. Here’s to the Four Horseman!! Bring on a winter arena tour! More Beer/Eet Fuk!

    1. Yes! Metallica wouldn’t be Metallica without Lars, and these days I’m more likely to put on St. Anger than Death Magnetic. There are some great songs on that album.

      Bring it on.

    1. John,

      I do know how to spell it 🙂 It is the darn auto correct that we now have, with the updated version of the site, sheesh.

      I must have retyped “Hetfield” three times, and it reverted, again. Count this as the fourth, and last, ugh. God knows, why Hatfield is even in the auto correct? Are they really any more important than the McCoy’s? 😉

      Dana 🙂

  3. I hate auto correct. I swear it takes me 5x longer to write anything because of all the retyping.

    Anyway – I’m cautiously excited for the new Metallica album. It’s been WAY too long in the making. I wonder just what James means by “it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.” I hope they continue in the direction they set with Death Magnetic, meaning more towards the old stuff than the Load/Reload era. Sorry but I can’t agree with saying there’s nothing wrong with St. Anger. I find it hard to listen to, it’s like an unfinished demo. The songs aren’t bad but I don’t think they’re all they could have been. But hey, it was heavier than anything they had done in quite a while so there’s that. I’d welcome a remixed version with a “normal” drum sound and Kirk throwing some solos in.

    1. Thank you for feeling my pain, MetalMania. 🙂

      Also, auto correct makes one look ignorant and unintelligible. Which is the exact opposite purpose of what it is intended to do, technology, go figure. LOL!!

      D 🙂

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