sammyhagar400pix Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

I knew Sammy Hagar was calling me Monday, so I kept saying to myself, “Don’t ask him how terrible the new Van Halen album is.” But then, Hagar brought up how terrible it is.

“I’m trying to tread lightly on the whole thing,” Hagar told me. “Every time they do something, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, can these guys do anything worse to their reputation and to the level of the music of the band?”

I can’t believe Van Halen even released the album with Roth’s voice sounding like it does.

“They’ve got some pretty rough vocals,” Hagar said of Roth.

I told Hagar I tried not to even bring up Van Halen.

“I’m glad you didn’t, but I did,” Hagar said and laughed. “I try to stay away from criticism, but here I am, already starting this interview with it. It’s impossible, Doug. It’s impossible to stay away from. Standing back, I’m just going, ‘What the (expletive) are these guys thinking?’”

…He continues, “The Van Hagar era — those great songs, ‘Poundcake,’ ‘When It’s Love,’ ‘Right Now,’ ‘Why Can’t This Be Love?,’ ‘Top of the World,’ ‘Finish What Ya Started,’ ‘Best of Both Worlds’ — you’ll never hear those songs again, unless I’m singing them.”

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  1. His opinion has been heard for a decade! We all know he hates Dave and the brothers. Usually the followers of the Clown made the excuse that he was asked the VH questions so he had to answer them. Now he’s just spewing his hateful crap on his own. Maybe if the guy would ever release anything worth listening to, he wouldn’t have to use Roth and the brothers as a crutch in the media!

    1. Since when does honesty mean hateful? I’ve seen Hagar numerous times, met him twice, met others who know him personally, and never, never 1 bad or negative thing to say about the Red Rocker. Let’s just say, just for the hell of it, in the past I’ve heard a lot more harsh words thrown at Sammy from the Brothers VH, than Sammy has ever thrown at them. Bottom line, I’m a fan of all, Hagar, Roth, Ed, Al, Mad Anthony, always have been, always will be. Sometimes they bicker, bitch & complain about each other, but the music they all made together speaks for itself, and that’s all that matters.

    2. Dude you need to get a grip because Sammy kept that band alive and if not for him, there would be no VH for Dave to comeback to and butcher with his vocals…Hagar had that band in top form when he was there and was a major song writing partner to Eddie. Sammy should be pissed because an entire lifetime of that band that is as if it never happend…top selling albums, charted songs, etc. and vocally he can sing all the Roth tunes…The VH brothers have aligned themselves with Roth and I think they made the wrong choice because Dave is an all time embarrassment…why so much hate for Sammy?? He is still one of the premier singers in rock, one of the nicest/ down to earth guys and he is calling it as he sees it..pathetic. Also, don’t forget Sammy had his own career before and after VH, and he and Mike Anthony never left the public eye while Roth and Eddie were nowhere until this money grab of a pseudo reunion

    1. No ones avoiding that. Michael Anthony is a better singer/bass player and he should be in the band. Michael Anthony could cover for Dave somewhat, Wolfgang can’t.

  2. VH with Dave never had any number one hits. Sammy brought them their best sales and number one hits. Five number one albums from Sammy’s reign. At least Sammy can sing and not stand on stage with his thumb up his ass with a permanent douche’ bag smile. I guess he’s smiling cause it feels good to screw all those folks out of their hard earned money, or does he like his thumb up knuckle deep. Laughing ALL the way to the bank.

    1. They did have number one albums with Sammy but their sales with Dave were far bigger. The first VH album sold over 10 million and so did 1984! Van Hagar did not have one album come even close to those kind of sales.

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