heart,vintage400 Heart’s 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has triggered a lawsuit. says former Heart bassist Mark Andes and drummer Denny Carmassi make a number of accusations against the Cleveland museum, including libel, slander, and injurious falsehood, for using music and photos from their tenure in the group when they were not inducted with the band.

They say in their lawsuit that a Rock Hall induction is “normally a positive thing,” and the misleading promotion forced them to have to “continually correct the record on an issue of such personal importance.”

Andes and Carmassi were in Heart from 1982 until 1993, during Heart’s most commercially successful period. They played on Heart’s biggest hits, including These Dreams and Alone, as well as all of the band’s Grammy-nominated work. They aren’t asking to be inducted into the Rock Hall, but are seeking punitive, compensatory, and other damages.

The Rock Hall lawsuit is the second case Andes has launched in recent weeks. The former Spirit bassist is also involved in the new copyright infringement case against Led Zeppelin over the British band’s signature song Stairway To Heaven.

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  • Richman on

    Hey Guys from HEART,
    The Rock N’ Roll hall of Fame is shit. Pre-season Basketball and Hockey is more interesting.

  • Steve on

    Hope this doesn’t give Vinnie Vincent any ideas.

    • Ryan B. on

      According to Gene, Mr. Vincent has already had that idea about 12 times and lost everytime they have went to court. I think Vinnie may have finally given up.

  • Lee on

    The ’80 line-up blew away those two guys. Maybe Anne can give them some cookies and a map of Seattle 1966 as a gift.

    • Kenny on

      Um, they ARE the 80’s lineup!

    • Greg on

      They were the 80s lineup,

    • Michael on

      What are you talking about? They were the 80’s lineup.

  • Lindy on

    Why did they wait over a year to do it?

  • Axl raided Don Dokken's hat track on

    Mark Andes is suing the mountains bearing his name next week.

    • Mike on

      Good one!!!

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