On the 40th anniversary of their album, Sad Wings Of Destiny, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has posted a video in which he reflects back on the album. Watch it below.

K.K. announced his retirement from the band in April 2011. He was replaced by guitarist Richie Richie Faulkner, who previously worked with Lauren Harris, daughter of Iron Maiden bassist, Steve Harris.

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  1. OMG!! I’ve never seen that import gatefold of Sad Wings…..I must find that for my collection!!! But yeah KK made a statement a couple weeks ago that he would love to join Priest on stage if: (1), they were ever inducted into the RNRHOF or: (2), there was ever a tour of ‘The Big Three’ i.e. Sabbath, Priest and Maiden. However, with Sabbath done touring that seems pretty unlikely, although I could see a one or two show thing happening, like maybe Donnington or Wacken. Kind of like what Blackmore’s doing with Rainbow. As far as the HOF thing that’s probably more likely to happen than a big 3 tour, now that Eddie has a say in it. But I would take KK back with Priest in any way shape or form, whether one night for a couple songs or preferably at least a full show or two with Maiden and Sabbath. That would be epic!! And I could die happy lol

  2. SWoD is a great studio album but nothing beats Stained Class. Nothing. In my humble opinion of course. Unleashed is my favorite “live” album… from anyone. The Japanese version has more songs on it from HBFL which is what they were touring on at the time. You tube has the full album. Give it a listen to hear “live” versions of songs they haven’t played since.

    Rock Forever
    Delivering the Goods
    Hell Bent for Leather

  3. As much as I love the 80s Priest output, my favorite JP era started with Sad Wings. I really liked the longer, more daring songs on Sad Wings, Sin After Sin, Stained Class, and Hell Bent for Leather.

    Sad Wings is a pretty unique album, especially with Epitaph. They wouldn’t do another song like that until Eulogy, off Angel of Retribution. James K is right, Genocide is very underrated in the Priest catalog.

  4. I have the remasters box set that has Sin After Sin to Painkiller, with bonus tracks on all cd’s. As I’ve stated before I was introduced to Priest in the late 70s with Stained Class. It’s my favorite and most special Priest album and to me it’s their best. Their 70s period just has that raw, bluesier and darker sound that I love. None of their other era’s albums compare to that sound, as much as I love everything they’ve done, it was just a special time, for me. It’s that 70s sound, I mean whether It’s Priest, Kiss, Rush, Aerosmith, AC/DC!!!!, Ted Nugent, Triumph, UFO or Sabbath, they’ve all put out great music since, but it’s that period that pumps my blood more than any. Judas Priest is my all time No. 1 band and always will be!!!

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