Angus Young and Brian Johnson of AC/DC

According to Blast Echo, a reported “source” close to singer Brian Johnson, has come forward to contradict comedian Jim Breuer’s commentary that the vocalist was let go from AC/DC.

The source confirms that Johnson is no longer in AC/DC, but that it was a mutual decision with the rest of band, and that he “wasn’t fired, not at all.” “He’s not gonna be in the band anymore,” said the source, “because he doesn’t want to take a chance with his hearing.” The source said Johnson said to “consider him out of the band now.”

The source also corroborates that the band is looking for his replacement.

“[The band] decided maybe it’s not the best thing to continue [with Johnson] if it’s gonna mean his hearing is going to deteriorate completely,” says the source. “They don’t want that either.”

With Johnson gone, speculation continues to run rampant as to who might replace him. Krokus singer Marc Storace recently told BlastEcho he’d be interested in auditioning for the spot, but it’s not known if he’s even been contacted by AC/DC representatives.

[Dana’s note: Thank you, to Harold Taint, for sending me the link to this story.]


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  • Drew George on

    Just saw a headline where Axl Rose will finish tour with AC/DC.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Now according to sources,(,God only knows who) Alxle Rose will be taking over vocal duties
    My God it’s insane the net is INSANE maybe it’s about time for AC⚡️DC to call it a day while their on a high note

    • Dustin Reinhart on

      Who are WE to tell him/them or anyone when it’s “time to quit”? This is obviously his passion and his life! Something that is as precious and loved as making music is to someone, it’s not something you can just tell them to “stop”. That’s telling someone to stop everything they ever dreamed up doing, wanted to do, all they know to do! They have every right to continue and do what they want to do! As far as “not being what you want to see” or what other fans want to see. Or a so called “tribute band”…whatever the case may be….let the fans/market tell him if he should continue or not. If no one goes and supports it…then maybe he will want to stop…but someone who lives and bleeds music and rock and roll to just “STOP? I think it shows who he is and his passion for wanting to go on….again..we can’t blame someone or tell someone to stop doing what they love and desire.

  • bigsled on

    I think most of what breuers said is the truth and he said what was on his mind when he was really mad and hurt for his friendafter first hearing it . Obviously things like Brians suitcase on his driveway were exaggerated.
    Anybody that has been following ac/dc close for 36 years like myself knows Brian would never want any negativity./ hard feelings aired out in public
    Its obvious he called Breuer to have him backpeddle his statement which he did.
    Then this guy comes out and , as someone already stated, does damage control.

    I’m sure if Brian told Eddie or anyone else the truth they were also asked to not say anything so we will never know the truth.

    As far as Angus going on I mean, come on, I don’t care if alot of people go see Angus its just stupid . Angus doesnt need the money, his brother is gone, Phil is gone , its time to let it go.
    If he wants to keep playing he should retire the name for sure and go out as Angus Young band or something.
    It would be like Stanley or Simmons continuing on with Kiss if it was just one of them. Pathetic !!

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