On July 21st, Swedish hard rock veterans Europe will share their unique 30th-anniversary performance of The Final Countdown from London’s legendary Roundhouse.

The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show-Live At The Roundhouse celebrates the multi-platinum album’s triple-decade success. The band played the album in its sequential entirety at a series of selected cities in 2016, with London’s most historically venerated venue playing host to an exceptionally special night on November 12th, 2016, which was captured by Patric Ullaeus from rEvolver Film Company AB.

Preceding the landmark event, fans were also treated to a live performance of Europe’s latest album, War Of Kings, a release which re-established Europe as one of the top classic rock bands in the world.

Singer Joey Tempest said in a statement, “What an awesome night! It was more enjoyable than we thought to revisit the whole Final Countdown album live. On top of that, to be able to share our whole War Of Kings album with this amazing audience the same night just made this show one of the most memorable nights of our career.”

The limited-edition release will arrive in the following formats and available to pre-order very soon:

* DVD/2CD – full concert on all discs (1 visual, 2 audio) packaged in an 8-panel CD-sized digipack, including a 24-page booklet
* Blu-ray/2CD – full concert on all discs (1 visual, 2 audio) packaged in an 8-panel CD-sized digipack, including a 24-page booklet
* A digital audio-only release
* A 12-inch-sized boxset, limited to 1,000 units, will also be available in September. It will contain the Blu-ray/2CD configuration, a double gatefold vinyl with only “The Final Countdown” portion of the concert, a 40-page 12-inch-sized hardcover photo book, a vintage replica scarf and a laminate/guest pass.

The band recently finished recording its new album for an October release.

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  • Frank T on

    One of the most under-rated bands ever. Their entire catalog is incredible. Unfortunately many people only associate them with the final countdown song. Truly a great song, it’s not even in their own top 20 songs in my opinion. Much better band than many other more popular bands over the past 30 years. These guys smoke bands like Poison.

    • Dana on

      In my humble opinion, Kee Marcello, hands down, has the BEST guitar tone.

      D 🙂

  • Waverider on

    I will get this. War of Kings is an excellent album. I’d like to check out more of their stuff.

  • Keith G on

    When the song “The Final Countdown” came out, I really liked it. But I have come to despise that song! As soon as I hear that dreaded keyboard line, I turn it off! If I don’t, it is stuck in my head the whole day! Fortunately, most of their other music is much more enjoyable. Some of their later albums are actually pretty heavy, when compared to THE FINAL COUNTDOWN record.

    • Dana on

      To each their own, but I never liked that song. So cheesy, and the lyrics? Oh, brother-lol.

      In my opinion, that tune, albeit a huge hit, was not the greatest representation of the band. Both their guitarists, John Norum and Kee Marcello, are great. Also, as I said before, Kee’s tone is phenomenal, and my favorite. Let the Good Times Rock, really showcases that warm, clean tone 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      Funny thing about that song, people either love it, or hate it, I happen to love it! Fun, upbeat, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just have to lighten up!

    • Frank T on

      Although the lyrics are cheesy Dana and that damned keyboard gets stuck in my head all day too Keith, John Norum’s guitar solo in that song is brilliant. Kee Marcello is equally as amazing as Norum. Let’s face it, the mid to late 80’s were full of “hair bands” with bright tones, cheesy lyrics and silly outfits. As a former lead guitar player in a mildly successful band, the hook makes or breaks a song. Even if people don’t like it, the fact that it can play over and over in one’s head is a good thing especially when it brings about discussion in public.

    • Dana on

      Agreed, the hook is the key. The Beatles are the perfect example of how a simple song, with a catchy hook, is a recipe for success.

      While I know many of the bands I love used them, I am NOT a fan of keyboards. So, I am sure that is a good part of the reason why I am not a fan of that song. But, they are laughing all the way to the bank, so…

      What was the name of your band? Do tell. 🙂

      D 🙂

    • Keith G on

      Totally agree with all of the comments from folks on my original post. This song, when it first came out, was just a really catchy song that appealed to me. I think I grew to hate it mostly because it has been played to death all these years! I never looked to bands that came out like EUROPE for deep, meaningful lyrics, so that didn’t bother me. And their look was very representative of most of the “hair bands” that were around at that time. The dreaded keyboard riff that never leaves my head when I hear it to this day was most assuredly the hook that made the song the hit it was. This bands career was made due to that hook, so I can appreciate it for that. I am just glad that this song is not totally representative of EUROPE’s music, because I enjoy much of their later music much more.

  • T on

    That song intro has become iconic throughout sports and music. When I first saw the original video, I thought this band would become a lot bigger than they did. They had the hooks, the vocals, the look and the songs, but certainly the timing of grunge had something to do with that, and it affected many other bands as well. Glad to see they’re still doing it.

    • Frank T on

      Dana the band was Vertical Reign. When I say mildly successful I mean we got internet radio airplay, local radio airplay, paid shows on a regular basis and although I’ve never seen it, supposedly one of our songs was featured on a cd that came with a book about Nikki Sixx. But as AC/DC says, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

    • Dana on

      Good for you, Frank,

      Sounds like you like got a lot farther than most struggling bands. How would you describe your sound, image? How long was your hair back then? 😉

      D 🙂

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