eddiestudio Our very own Eddie Trunk spoke with Stu, Tiff and Jimbo of 98.6’s KCI Rocks about the 2013 Rock n Roll HOF inductees. Listen to the audio below.

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  • Willie Rivera on

    Eddie merry Xmas to you and the fellas on that metal show…glad to see that kiss is finally in the rock n roll hall of fame…I hope that deep purple gets in next year..hopefully your strong influence and following can eventually get them in…looking forward to a new season of that metal show..all the best and happy holidays

    • todd on

      what about thin lizzy, def leppard, bonjovi,deep purple, styx, journey, cheap trick. tesla, the list goeson and on,kansas,……..pearljam

  • Brandon on

    Great audio. Interesting insight about the voting protocol. Knew the fan vote was inconsequential, but it’s interesting to know that inducted bands get to lobby also.

  • George Martin on

    Great comments on Deep Purple! They should have been in a long time ago! Truly the greatest hard rock band of all time in my opinion. Still going strong with a great new album and one of the best live bands you will ever see. It’s quite obvious to me the people who do the voting really have no clue and should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe next time.

  • bob on

    it dont matter!! it’s still a fn joke!!! i hate it .f&^$C the r& r hof!!

    • Metalsteve on

      I totally agree with bob. If all these bands record sales and overall popularity doesn’t tell the story to you now then trust me placing them in the RnR hall of fame will make no difference.

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