eddiestudio Our very own Eddie Trunk spoke with Stu, Tiff and Jimbo of 98.6’s KCI Rocks about the 2013 Rock n Roll HOF inductees. Listen to the audio below.

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  1. Now let’s try to get Deep Purple and Ronnie James Dio who need to get in and many other acts who keep getting snubbed! Maybe like what Eddie said with bands like Metallica and G N R now in the HOF they can get some of a say who should get nominated in voted in! Hope next year we will see more Hard Rock acts get nominated and get in!

  2. How in the hell does Nirvana get in and someone like Motley Crue doesn’t even get mentioned. i am not sure how they could put GnR in before Motley. Motley’s body of work, should make them a no brainer. Both GnR and Nirvana are getting in because of 1 album a piece. Appetite is an all time great and i love it and think it is probably the greastest album of all time and Nevermind started grunge but how is Motley so overlooked?

    1. Hi Ron,

      While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I cannot agree with you about Motley Crue, sorry.

      As Eddie has stated before, Guns N’ Roses were being inducted into the Hall because they had hoped that there would be a reunion of the original members onstage and that would create a lot of buzz. But, even discounting that, Appetite for Destruction, was a somewhat influential and unique record for its time. While I like Motley Crue, I cannot name one thing that they have ever done that I would consider exceptional and groundbreaking.

      Finally, if anyone should be inducted, I think it should be Judas Priest. Of course, the fact that Deep Purple, who was an influence on countless other bands, is not in either, is completely ludicrous.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  3. The Hall is a joke because those who decide are not audiophiles or music listeners. They, at most, “hear” some kind of music and are as unqualified as music fans as a group can be. I quit caring when Rap people were added, the hall “powers that be” can’t even tell the difference between music types. I’m not saying Rap is music since nobody sings or plays an instrument, but for those who like noise of that type, have your own Hall with a shooting gallery.

    Having a Website, if I was in a band, I’d have more to care about if Eddie let reads/viewers decide people monthly by poll or on each episode of “That Metal Show.” At least it would be ROCK along with Metal having an equal chance that it doesn’t currently have.

  4. Unbelievable no DP…no disrespect to Kiss but DP needs to be in before…over 150 million albums sold WW, Billboard’s top selling artist in 1973, hard rock masterpieces from 70-74 (In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Made In Japan, Burn), major hits with smoke, woman from tokyo, highwaystar, hush…, headlining cal jam, amazing comeback record with Perfect Strangers and the 2nd highest grossing tour in 84/85, releasing Now What in 2013 and charting number 1 in many countries…not to mention the talents of ritchie blackmore, ian paice, jon lord, ian gillan, roger glover, david coverdale, glenn hughes, tommy bolin, steve morse, and don airey. What about all the splinter bands???? Rainbow, Whitesnake, Captain Beyond, Blackmore’s Night, and all the other solo stuff….name one fucking band that comes close to achieving all that…

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