eddie400 Jamie Blaine of The Weeklings spoke with our very own Eddie Trunk. Excerpts from interview appear below.

The Weeklings: The old guard metal guys are older now than my grandparents were back then! Sabbath, Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC? Why do you think so many classic acts are still around? Is it because we don’t have anyone to fill their shoes?

ET: I think it’s more of a case that there’s nothing else they really know to do. Every time they pull away from it, they realize it’s just what they love. It’s kind of like an athlete who retires and then comes back for just one more year. Then it keeps going on and on….

For some, quite honestly, it’s financial. There’s a misconception that some of these artists are wealthier than they actually are. In some cases you have guys who have been through multiple divorces, huge overheads, and for others it’s simply a lifestyle that they can’t afford unless they stay out on the road. And then for others, it’s ego and they don’t want to give that up.

Ozzy said he was retiring on the ‘No More Tours’ show over twenty years ago. Of course his hand is being played more by his wife than he himself – which he has said. So everyone has a different reason they do it. I’ve always said that I don’t mind an artist staying out as long as they want to as long as they are able to do so at a level that’s close to what they originally brought to the game. Once you start seeing cracks and the energy isn’t there then it’s time to go away gracefully. Some have stayed too long at the party and some are still as good as they’ve ever been.

The Weeklings: I have to imagine in 10 years that many of these acts will be retired for good and there’ll be a huge void. Then what?

ET: Sure. You already see that Rush is pretty much out of the picture and done touring after this run. Who knows what will happen with Sabbath, there are obviously health issues there. Bruce Dickinson is battling cancer. AC/DC down two key members. Priest said they were done two years ago, but they’re still hanging in there a bit. Time stops for no one and you have to wonder how much these guys will be able to keep doing. I’m not sure what fills the void. Metallica are about ten years younger than the bands we’re talking about. So, you have to hope that they can carry the torch along with others.

The Weeklings: I grew up in the Deep South and preachers would come play records backwards and hold up Bark at the Moon, warning parents about the evils of heavy metal and rock. Did you face any of that as a kid?

ET: No, not really. To this day my parents are in church every single Saturday, pretty staunch Catholics, and to their credit never gave me any grief about the music I loved. I was huge into KISS, so there I was bringing home Destroyer, and putting it on the family stereo in the living room. Some parents might have recoiled about that, but they never did. They grew up in the 50s as big fans of Elvis so they probably saw the bias against early rock and roll and thought, okay, KISS is our kid’s Elvis. So they’ve been totally supportive. In fact, they’ll still hit me up from time to time for Fleetwood Mac or Eagles tickets.

The Weeklings: One of the things fans talk about a lot is reunions. Before we go, let me run a few of the rumors past you for your take.

ET: Okay, sure.

The Weeklings: Metallica and Dave Mustaine.

ET: I haven’t heard anything about that one. And honestly, I’d be shocked if there was anything to it. Maybe people are getting caught up in Metallica putting out the No Life til Leather demo for Record Store Day? Obviously Mustaine was part of that but as for recording together or doing a project I seriously doubt that’s going to happen.

The Weeklings: Def Leppard and Mutt Lange.

ET: I don’t know how active Mutt Lange is these days? He’s a pretty reclusive guy.

The Weeklings: He’s producing the new Muse record.

ET: We just had Joe Elliot on That Metal Show so I know it won’t be this next Def Leppard record. Obviously, they had their greatest success with Mutt, but there’s probably a side that doesn’t want to re-hash old things. Also, everyone knows that Mutt Lange is a taskmaster and put Def Leppard through a lot. At this point in their career, I’m not sure they’d want to endure that.

The Weeklings: Van Halen and Michael Anthony.

ET: I think that would be wonderful. I don’t say this as any knock on Wolfie, who is a talented kid, but it’s silly when you think about it. You’ve got the original Van Halen together except for Michael Anthony? The most loveable, regular dude in the world? It’s ridiculous that he’s not part of it. I know there’s always politics and things behind the scenes but I don’t see why they can’t make that happen. But whatever Eddie decides to do, I think it’ll be with his son.

The Weeklings: In my opinion, he was Van Halen’s secret of success. With all of Dave and Eddie’s flash and pyrotechnics, someone had to keep it grounded. Mike Anthony was the solid rock.

ET: Absolutely right. I don’t think people every realized how important Mike’s vocals were until they heard the band without them.

The Weeklings: Last one. Slash and Axl in 2016.

ET: I don’t know about 2016, but I believe it will happen. Slash is a friend and I’ve done a few things with Axl — but when I say that, it’s strictly me speaking as a fan. I don’t have insider information. But, I have had conversations with people in the Guns camp and I think there’s an underlying feeling that it could be gradually moving towards a day when that will happen. I think a lot of people got really excited when Slash tweeted happy birthday to Axl. Sounds silly and harmless, but people took it as a huge olive branch.

But yes, I think it’s too big not to happen and those guys are still young enough to make it happen. If you think about it, the only thing to prevent it from happening is Axl and Slash talking. Duff has already played with them. Both drummers want to do it and Izzy floats between camps, totally neutral. So really, it comes down to Slash and Axl coming together.

Read Eddie’s entire interview with The Weeklings, here.

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  • Ray Gillen on

    Good interview Eddie. One band I would like to see reunite would be Blue Murder from the s/t album. All 3 of the guys are still around and are top notch musicians John Sykes,Tony Franklin and Carmine Appice. Unfortunately they never reallly hit it big so I know its probably not going to happen, but damn wouldnt that be cool?

    • Eddie on

      Me too! John moves very slow and it was his thing. Tony and Carmine would do it in a second.

    • D. Comiskey on

      I would love that as well. But John seems to have basically disappeared since that ended. And that was over 20 years ago. The first album is still a monster! But, to be honest, I don’t think they’d see any more success than they did before. When Eddie had him on the show a year or two ago, it was like seeing Bigfoot. But, his project with Portnoy fizzled out shortly after the show (Eddie, what’s the inside scoop with that??). I think John needs to be back in a situation like he was in Whitesnake. But, my impression is his ego is way too big for that. Dunno.

      My biggest reunion hope would actually be Rage Against the Machine. But I know that ain’t happening either. 🙁

    • Dana on


      Eddie has discussed this many times. Mr. Sykes moves to the beat of his own drummer, and apparently, that beat was a bit too slow for drummer Portnoy. It was like pairing the rabbit and the hare.

      As I have previously reported here, John has finished recording a new solo album and even uploaded samples from it. When it will finally be released, however, is currently unknown. You can listen to the samples here: https://eddietrunk.com/guitarist-john-sykes-posts-samples-of-new-music-online/

      Dana from ET.com and resident Sykes fanatic 🙂

    • D. Comiskey on

      Thanks, Dana! I know he moves to his own beat. Unfortunately, it’s way too slow for anyone or to remain relevant! 🙂 Even a long delay after finishing a solo album is just….weird.

    • Dana on

      I know you’re right, but even as a frustrated fan, it is so hard for me to diss Sykes. I LOVE him, have for decades, and so I admit, I am very biased when it comes to him.

      D 🙂

    • Dana on


      Thanks for saying that, I think that would be, hands down, the BEST reunion.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Ray Gillen on

      Dana I`m glad you agree. Blue Murder was awesome and I`m also a big Sykes fan also. It was cool Whitesnake put out the Live in 84 back to the bone cd/dvd recently, he`s tearing it up on that. Maybe when he puts out his new cd he`ll get fired up again,we can only hope.

    • Dana on

      Agreed 🙂

      D 🙂

  • Whitesnake on

    The original G’n’R touring would be super huge obviously. One of the few tours I would pay decent money to see. That and Plant touring with Zeppelin…which we probably won’t ever see unfortunately.

  • bryan kaempf on


    • Kensufo on

      Yes Triumph!
      UFO w schenker
      Rainbow or deep purple with blackmore

  • James K. on

    Guns ‘N’ Roses is the classic band that I also feel has the best chance of reuniting. Once Axl and Slash bury the hatchet, I think a reunion will definitely happen.

    There’s lots of bands and classic lineups I’d like to see get back together even if it’s just for one final time. Here’s a list of five just off the top of my head:

    1: The classic lineup of Overkill. Unfortunately, I seriously don’t think this will happen for two reasons and those are #1) The lineup they have now is too solid and #2) There’s too much bad blood between Bobby G and DD. But a reunion and a live performance of all those classic Overkill songs would be great!

    2: Blue Murder. I feel there’s a possibility of this and it would be awesome because not enough people paid attention to that band the first time around. But, as Dana stated above, John moves to his own beat of his own drummer. We can only have hope that one day soon that drummer will be Carmine Appice.

    3: Van Halen with Michael Anthony. I don’t know about this one. EVH screwed Mike over and I think as much as Mike might be up for a reunion, it’s not likely. Ed’s ego is just too big.

    4: Savatage. They’ve said it’s possible and I hope it happens. But Jon Oliva has not been in the best health and I worry that would cause a problem with them getting that band going again and doing a tour. If Jon’s not the singer, I’m not interested in a Savatage reunion.

    5: Classic Schenker lineup of UFO. Michael Schenker has stated that he, Pete and Phil are all on good terms, so why not do a reunion tour and perform STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT live in its entirety? I’m not saying the current UFO lineup should breakup. A reunion with Michael could be just a one time thing and then they can all return to their regular careers. As long as I get to see them live, I’ll be happy.

  • Stan Lee on

    Here’s a few reunion that I would like to see it happened:
    Skid row
    White lion
    Britny fox (original)
    Damn yankees

    • James Apple on

      Britny Fox? Wut.

      GET. OUT.

    • Stan Lee on

      Well I like Britny fox and since you dun like them then it’s best you stfu.

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