Getting tons of reaction to Van Halen’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmell. The response is very different from person to person it seems. Some thought it was awful, others loved it. To me it was pretty much what I expected. Much of the talk these days when it comes to VH centers around David Lee Roth and his vocals. As I have said countless times if you ever thought DLR sang well live and like the albums then you never saw DLR even back in the day! He was NEVER a strong live singer! Look at the US festival! He didn’t even sing half of the first song! Dave was always a showman first, and on record was perfect for the band and the brilliant albums they made. If you are looking for a powerful singer in VH then that would have been the Hagar years. Incredible vocals were always a hallmark of Hagar’s ability and amazingly he can still do it. But if you are a Roth VH guy (I like both versions of the band) you know what you are seeing and hearing is not new. If you saw VH on the tour for the last album you know this is exactly what you will get from DLR at this stage in his life. As i say all the time you vote with your wallet. So if you don’t like it don’t go to the shows or buy the albums. But if you are cool with it enjoy. My point is this isn’t a case of a guy who was a once great live singer falling apart, this truly always was what he was about. Sure maybe a bit rougher and not able to hit the high squeals like he used to, but in my view he’s trying harder now at least (and thankfully lost the headset!). Alex was Alex and for those hoping for Michael to come back forget it. I love Mike but do you think EVH is ever going to fire his son? Wolf does a fine job but it is kind of silly we have 3/4 of original VH and Mike is the odd guy out. But it is what it is and they have their reasons right or wrong. Most importantly Eddie is playing great, looks good and is smiling and sober! If you saw him on the reunion tour with Hagar you know it was NOT good. To see Eddie in this form now for a few years is great to see! As for the live album I hate re recorded live records as most are. So I give them credit for releasing a live album that is truly live for better or worse. I haven’t heard the entire thing yet but will soon. This is VH with DLR in 2015. It isn’t going to suddenly get better overnight. DLR is not going to suddenly become Freddie Mercury. To me the ultimate scenario as a fan is a tour with half a set DLR, half Hagar, and Michael back in. VH has a HUGE catalog of massive hits that will never be played by them again without Hagar since DLR could never dream of singing like that. Split the sets and you get the “best of both worlds” and both singers don’t have to work as hard every night. Now that would be special! But also it’s about as likely as me replacing Letterman. So enjoy VH for what it is now and the amazing songs and one of the worlds all time greatest guitarists back in top form. But if you have been given another fair warning of what to expect live between the TV show and the new live album. If you DON’T like that then don’t buy a ticket and then complain about it. That would make no sense as a now educated consumer.

PS: I have asked VH to do TMS every single season. So far they have done a TV performance but continue hardly doing any interviews at all (notice no sit down on Kimmell). Their press decisions and refusal to do interviews with just about anyone is baffling and goes all the way back to the release of A Different Kind Of Truth. Clearly Kimmell and Ellen are way bigger mainstream shows than TMS but I doubt more rock/VH fans are watching them. EVH is pretty much our number one requested guest. I’ll keep asking but don’t hold your breath.. they seem to just not do interviews these days outside of extremely rare events

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  1. I’ve also seen David Lee Roth twice, “Eat ‘Em and Smile,” Knoxville Coliseum, and “Skyscraper,” San Diego Sports Arena. The last few shows for me have been Weezer, the Tubes, and Limp Bizkit, all were incredible. The most underrated, and one of the best shows is Mandy Lion….who is still in his mid 40s, why that guy doesn’t get decent exposure, a decent tour,, it is a complete miscarriage of justice. My theory about not getting on a decent tour is he’s too much of a threat, but he should get the Kimmel gig, not Steel Panther. Eddie, you should get this guy some exposure, he is still recording and performing with top caliber talent, much like an Ozzy or a Dio did in metal’s heyday. He’s the last guy who can still do that job who’s still in his prime.

  2. Save for Dave’s Vegas schtick , what’s with that stupid fucking smile on his face? Really, he needs to get it together. Stop telling dumb stories during periods he could, at least, trying speaking the lyrics. What a magnificent douche’ bag!

  3. Eddie – Your article is missing one key piece of information. Originally Eddie was working on releasing the 25 song demo tape produced by Gene Simmons. From what I understand most of the tapes are deteriorated to the point of being useless. At least the ones Eddie has. Something tells me when this news hits Mr. Simmons’s ears he’s going to be combing through his files to see if they still exist. Still hoping the ever savvy business demon kept them in a safe place.

    Like any Van Halen sucker I bought the live album Tuesday when the nearest store opened. Better than I thought it would be. Dave can still hit the high notes, Mike and Wolfie are rock solid and Ed is … well Ed. The only major disappointment was the art. No pictures of the band, the stage, or the crowd. Just one picture of the Tokyo Dome that looks like something any tourist would take. For a band that emphasizes the visuals like Van Halen, a printed lyric sheet doesn’t cut it.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing VH with Roth on the 1984 Tour, as well as DLR’s first 3 solo tours, VH with Sammy at least 4 times, The Sammy / Roth Tour, Sammy’s band, Roth’s band and VH twice on the DKOT Tour.

    Personally I think the ONLY highlight of the latest VH saga (Kimmel, Ellen and the Tour) is EVH. He looks healthy, happy and he is playing like the virtuoso he has always been! Alex looks tired and is just not the Alex of old. (Granted he has had back and neck issues). Wolfie is a great musician but he’s no Mike! I am a HUGE fan of Roth but I agree that he has become somewhat of a caricature of himself. He looks like a Vegas Lounge singer.

    When you look at the ticket prices for what you are getting…I’ll be sitting this one out Thank you!

  5. I think you guys are just Hagar fans. I have seen Dave about 10 times in my life. Saw him back with Van Halen in the 80’s and saw him during his solo career. In 1995 when he did the Vegas shows at Bally’s and the MGM ( most people that know the entertainment business when you play in Vegas you make the most money. For example a band can make more money playing Vegas for 4 to 6 months than touring for a whole year in the United States. The casinos pay great money.) When I saw him at Bally’s his voice was so good. He sang from rock and roll to blues music. He sang the song Love TKO and I couldn’t believe how clear his voice sounded on that song. Steve Vai said that Dave is the most bluesy person he knows.

    Finally I am sick of all the haters. No other singer gets more hate that David Lee Roth. Just keep on bashing him. (Sometimes I think it is because he is Jewish that people just keep on bashing him) Sammy bashed Dave so much after he joined Van Halen. Sammy is a real classy guy. (Being sarcastic)

    And about Dave messing up in the song Romeo Delight. It was an act. He did that in so many other shows. It was always on the song Romeo Delight that Dave said “I forgot the words”. Do your research guys.

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