eddietrunk Adam Lawton of Media Mikes spoke to Eddie about That Metal Show. Portions of the interview appear below.

AL: Can you tell us about the idea of bringing in guitarists, bassists and drummers to perform during the show?

ET: The ultimate goal is to have a band play one day but we can’t do that because we just don’t have the budget. We simply cannot afford to bring on an entire band or pay the publishing which is very expensive and a lot of people don’t realize that. We try and work around that buy just bringing in single musicians to do some shredding and stuff. We have had drummers, bassists and predominately guitarist as they lend themselves to the gig a little more. This season we split things down the middle with four shows being with a guitarist and four shows being with a drummer. We have a lot of fun bringing those guys in and it’s a great opportunity to showcase sometimes the little lesser known guys. For example Richie Kotzen has always been a favorite of mine and in America he is barely known. To have him featured on our show has been great as lots of people have been emailing me for more info on him.

AL: In the shows 12 seasons has there ever been a guest that you thought would never end up on the show but actually did end up being on?

ET: Steve Harris from Iron Maiden was tough. He doesn’t live in American and the Iron Maiden camp is extremely protective of their brand and how they do things. I have always had a great relationship with them but in order to get everyone on board the stars have to align themselves. The season that Steve was on ended up being a last minute score for us because Steve had just announced he was going to be doing a solo album and the band happened to be in Los Angeles. I went to their manager and just asked to have him on. Steve ended up coming down and having a blast. We hope to have him back one day. They guys who don’t live in America are a challenge logistically. Tony Iommi was another one that I was really excited to have one.

AL: Besides the remaining shows for this season what else do you have in the works?

ET: I just completed my second book which is the follow up to Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Vol. 1. I just found out that Vol. 2 will be coming out on September 24th. The book is an exact sequel to my first book. The format and everything is the same except that there are 35 completely different bands in this one. I am really excited for that to be happening. I will also be continuing my two radio shows as this year I am celebrating my 30th year in radio. I am always out there looking for ways to make my projects bigger and take things to the next level.

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  1. Have any members of Leatherwolf appeared on the show in the past could be guests on future shows? They’re local and had their time on MTV in the late eighties, but I’m wondering if they fall into the not well-known-enough category to be on.

  2. Thank Don for me, because when he mentioned Woods of Ypres I never heard of them and I went and downloaded some songs on ITunes and they kick ass. Also when will Phil Anselmo be back on That Metal Show? It would be cool to have members of Ghost as well on that metal show.

  3. Bring back Sebastian Bach to the show. By far the most entertaining guest you’ve had on.

    I had all but forgotten about him and now I found myself ordering his DVD Abachalypse Now (thanks to his appearance on TMS). That’s the first DVD I’ve bought since Kiss – Rock The Nation in 2004…

    Keep up the good work, I love the show!

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