peterCriss400 As previously reported, Original KISS drummer, Peter Criss will be special guest on this Saturday’s (March 22nd) episode of That Metal Show.

In the preview clip posted below, as transcribed by blabbermouth.net, Criss explains how he found out about KISS’ Rock Hall induction and he expressed how heartbroken he is that we won’t be performing at the event.

“I got a call from [KISS leaders] Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley], which I hadn’t got a call from them in many, many, many, many, many moons, including when I had my cancer,” Criss said. “And so, all of a sudden, I get a call and I’m being congratulated. ‘We’re gonna have fun.’ And I’m thinking… And I know, as I wrote in my book, there’s a lot of bad blood, and I just don’t trust [those guys] anymore. And I took it with a grain of salt and said, ‘Maybe.’ But then again, I had to go back and read the book myself and go, ‘What, are you crazy? Nothing’s changing. It doesn’t matter what goes on. Something’s gonna happen.’ And I said to [my wife], ‘It sounds too good to be true.'”

He continued: “The fact that we’re not perfoming is heartbreaking. I wanted to. I thought we were going to. I was all up for it. I was crazy enough to think, even if I had to get back in the ‘Cat’ outfit, I would have been proud to do it. Because, whether in or out of makeup, I’ll always be the ‘Catman.'”

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  1. I love kiss, but collectively the four of them have royally screwed up everything. Not one person is innocent in this. Just go away. I can’t take it anymore!!!

  2. Eddie. One last question. Are you of the opinion Peter couldn’t at 68 handle playing a full kiss tour? He looks like he’s in better shape than Paul, Gene or Ace to me. Peter really looks great. I think he could do it. Would be real hard tho. Paul and Gene are a shadow of what they were on stage now. It’s happened. Why are you still on stage playing Paul? The Farewell tour should of been the end. Paul and Gene stayed too long at the party. It’s sad to see them up there now. I’ve tried watching a full show on YouTube. It’s just too painful to watch. Paul wears me out. It’s such a struggle for him now.

  3. I read Ace and Peter’s books, Just from that, it’s obvious those guys really shouldn’t be in KISS. They are all different people now. Being a musician, I can tell you, there are certain people I just do not wanna be in a band with no matter the amount of money. I think that’s where Gene and Paul are coming from. Kiss did post to Peter, well wishes and a speedy recovery on kissonline.

  4. hey dr, whoever you are, ace & peter are not addicts or alcoholics anymore, unlike gene & paul who are still and always will be addicted to money, power, control & greed. nobody’s perfect, and at least ace & peter have admitted & owned up to their mistakes & imperfections, ever hear gene & paul do that? and I DISAGREE with paul Stanley 100% who says once you’re an addict always an addict, unless he’s talking about money, power, control & greed!

    1. Dude, you better do some research on addiction. Once you are an addict, YOU ARE ALWAYS AN ADDICT. You may get your addiction under control, but you’re never cured.

    2. Did you read that in a book shannon patrick mehaffey? I know how you hate books and people who read them. ‘Pseudo-Science’. Sounds intelligent. ‘There is no sufficient proof for that’ – well there is no sufficient proof that that it isn’t. Now back to you doug. Its not insulting to call an addict and addict. It is what it is. Its not a disease, but an addiction. As my friend Abner was pointing out to you, you are always an addict. When you say they are not addicts anymore, do you think Ace could have a drink now and just stop? Do you think a drug addict could do one line of coke and call it day and not touch it ever again? Dude I appreciate it the fact your loyal to Ace and Peter and have no problem with that. And I’m not insulting them when I call them addicts. I don’t give a shit who’s in KISS or not at this stage of the game. I’m not 10 anymore and believe Ace really came from outer space or Peter’s mom was a feline. I like putting Destroyer on my Ipod and working out. I don’t need a 68 year old dude putting make up on his face ‘just one last fucking time’ for the fans sake. Who fucking cares? Honestly I think KISS should’ve said ‘fuck you’ to the RRHOF period cause they’re not worth it. If they would’ve performed together, great – better than the current band playing at this shindig. When the day is done, they’re not coming back and I could give a shit. My 9 year old listens to KISS and has seen them in concert. He thinks they’re fucking great and I don’t tell him how wrong it is that there are two posers up there. I’m just glad he doesn’t listen to the Bieb’s for fucks sake. He listens to Queensryche as well. His favorite song it Empire. Do you think I tell him what a fucking idiot Tate is? No. Enjoy or don’t enjoy. But grow up finally and get over it. The whining on this site over a band we all used to be members of the Army in is a discussion that is so mind-numbingly stupid, I refuse to think down to this level any further. Go buy a Nickelback album and enjoy.

    3. “No sufficient proof that there isn’t” is not an answer, you are attempting to shift the burden of proof. The burden is on proving that it is, not that it isn’t. That’s how it works when you want to prove a hypothesis. Sorry, I know this is over your head. But anyway, God Bless you and your family DR.

    4. o.k. first of all nickelback sucks, as do most “newer” bands, if you don’t come from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, I have no interest in you whatsoever! let’s just all agree that everybody has & always will have their own opions & beliefs, I do believe most people can be cured completely from their addictions WHATEVER THEY ARE, & you don’t, so whatever. we all read, share information & experience life in our own ways, so who’s to say what anything is or isn’t for sure? I too am sick & tired of the in-fighting between all us kiss fans, in a perfect world it would be great, everybody forgives & forgets, everybody gets along again and once again we can all just fuck all the bullshit & just rock & roll all night and party everyday!! pretty cool that there’s a 9 year old out there that doesn’t listen that fake, plastic factory made bieber asshole, that’s awesome! gives me hope that maybe some of today’s youth hasn’t all been brainwashed with the bullshit that “they” call music today. there may never be an original kiss again, but we’ll always have the kiss music forever, even dynasty! and the kiss army will live forever as will the music! keep it real everybody, rock & roll on forever!

    5. “Psuedo-science”? Oh silly man. Trying to sound smart. Obviously you’ve never experienced anyone with addiction. I love how people make comments with no experience to support it.

    6. Yes, basically, But control would be enough to tour. Like it is enough to control your weigth, your fitness etc. before and when going out on a world tour because otherweise you will not last long. So, again the issue repeated by G and P is again little more than an excuse obscuring the real reasons.

  5. At first I thought what a holes Paul and Gene were. The more time I’ve had to think about it, I think it could have looked a little ridiculous with Ace and Peter in makeup again with them. I definitely did not want to see the current (fake) KISS. The bottom line is that how can KISS keep selling the fake KISS if everyone sees the REAL KISS again? The other thing I think is a real possibility is that Paul Stanley’s voice has dropped off so dramatically that he might not want to sing at the RRHOF and embarrass himself and KISS and the critics like Marsh can say “see – they are terrible!”

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