peterCriss400 As previously reported, Original KISS drummer, Peter Criss will be special guest on this Saturday’s (March 22nd) episode of That Metal Show.

In the preview clip posted below, as transcribed by blabbermouth.net, Criss explains how he found out about KISS’ Rock Hall induction and he expressed how heartbroken he is that we won’t be performing at the event.

“I got a call from [KISS leaders] Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley], which I hadn’t got a call from them in many, many, many, many, many moons, including when I had my cancer,” Criss said. “And so, all of a sudden, I get a call and I’m being congratulated. ‘We’re gonna have fun.’ And I’m thinking… And I know, as I wrote in my book, there’s a lot of bad blood, and I just don’t trust [those guys] anymore. And I took it with a grain of salt and said, ‘Maybe.’ But then again, I had to go back and read the book myself and go, ‘What, are you crazy? Nothing’s changing. It doesn’t matter what goes on. Something’s gonna happen.’ And I said to [my wife], ‘It sounds too good to be true.'”

He continued: “The fact that we’re not perfoming is heartbreaking. I wanted to. I thought we were going to. I was all up for it. I was crazy enough to think, even if I had to get back in the ‘Cat’ outfit, I would have been proud to do it. Because, whether in or out of makeup, I’ll always be the ‘Catman.'”

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  1. they should stage a kiss meets the phantom moment and have the current four start playing, and be interrupted by the originals, and everyone play from that point thus compensating for any anticipated mistakes whilst playing? Arent they going to lip synch anyway?

  2. I really want us KISS fans to start a petition for Ace and Peter to record a full album together. Full makeup if they can. Alter it just enuff to not get sued by Paul and Gene. Call it Kissed or Kisser. Have 2 other members in makeup. Paul and Genes slightly altered to avoid being sued. Have Ace and Peter sing half the album. Say 5 and 5. Is take no makeup. Just get these 2 legends into the studio together and create some magic. Something Gene and Paul are not able to do anymore. Bet you all the money I have Ace and Peters album would kick Sonic Bust and Monster all to hell.

    1. Not going to happen. They are different people with different interests and at 68 do not think Peter has any interest in really going full on into an album, tour, etc. Peter may do an album, Ace is doing one, but a joint record not happening

    2. Eddie! I see ur point. It would be so cool tho for Ace and Peter to record and album. Don’t have to tour. So question. Is Peter going to put his rock album out anytime soon or is the project dead? Man looking at Paul’s twitter. Woo. He’s so disrespectful to fans that have a opinion of wanting original kiss to play at RRHOF. Says go away and buzz off ect. It looks like Paul and Gene are really convinced they have all these young fans out there that love kiss 2014 and that don’t know who Ace and Peter are. Sad very sad.

  3. All of you Peter bashers should go and watch the Cobo Hall 76 video then watch Rock am Ring and then talk about who should be inducted and play. And all you holier than thou bashers of Ace and Peter should just get rid of your Aerosmith Rocks, Toys in the Attiic First 2 Ozzy Albums the Stones Exile on Main street album and every Led Zep, Hendrix, and Beatles albums. I”ll stop now because I could go on. OH MY they were High. Piss Off!

    1. You are right, as long as it is good music (you mentioned some of the finest …), who the hell am I to critisize their private life? As long as they can deliver live who are we do tell them what moral is?

  4. Peter in the March 1989 issue of Metal Edge talking about finding out “Beth” was going to be recut with Carr: ” They pulled a fuckin’ number on me. I’m never getting on stage with them again, I’m tired of getting screwed over”.

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