David Crosby, who drew much criticism for what seemed like a curt response about Eddie Van Halen as a guitarist, following the legend’s passing on October 6th, once again apologized for his blunder.

After receiving much backlash, the musician once again tweeted on October 13th, “Yes, you Van Halen fans, I did just toss off an answer that was not cool.”

He continued, “The even more embarrassing truth is I didn’t even remember he had just died or I would have kept my mouth shut. … I do make mistakes. No offense intended.”

Crosby also retweeted someone who wrote, “I’m a Van Halen fan for sure, but I can also understand your ‘meh’ response to mean that he wasn’t your cup of tea, but you didn’t mean to disrespect a recently deceased person.”

“Exactly,” Crosby added.

Crosby’s Twitter apology has received support online.

Another fan tweeted, “I was going to jump on here and send you a message about being respectful of those artists who pass away. But this tweet is pitch perfect. We do all make mistakes and we need more forgiveness in this world.”

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  1. Sorry, but Crosby’s lame excuse doesn’t wash with me.

    Maybe his brain is totally fried from decades of hard drug abuse? However, I find the explanation for his inconsideration to be like his hair line, thin and non existent.

    1. Agreed, Dana. Crosby is trying to cover his ass cuz of the backlash he received for his insensitive remark…..Crosby is just a stupid hippie.

    2. Agree Dana…..will be reaching out to Mr.Crosby, think he would look amazing in one of my wigs.

    1. Doug,

      Just based on his first response, it seems like damage control to me, and he is using his “whoopsie, I forgot, duh…” as an excuse to placate all haters.

    2. 1 thing is for sure, Crosby hasn’t gotten this much attention since he donated his “samples.” (Eye roll)

    3. Will give him “props” for explaining himself….I believe it is more damage control but will give the benefit of the doubt Mr Crosby was sincere.

  2. This is almost funny that he’s responded. Then again, there’s not such things as bad press, right?

    This is probably the last we’ll hear on Crosby until his obit.

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