Singer, songwriter and guitarist, David Crosby (Crosby, Stills & Nash) has created a stir on Twitter, after what many viewed as a rebuff of Eddie Van Halen, who passed away on October 6th.

After a Twitter follower asked Crosby for his opinion of Van Halen, Crosby replied simply: “Meh ….” His terse response received criticism including Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick, who tweeted back, “I appreciate @thedavidcrosby too much for this to get in the way, but a much better answer would have been: ‘I know he meant a lot to so many but his sound & style just weren’t my thing.'” He then pointed out that singer-songwriter Patti Smith, who has never appeared to be much of a Van Halen fan either, still managed to post a polite note following the iconic guitarist’s passing. L.A. Guns’ Tracii Guns concurred, firing back at Crosby, “Wrong answer as f–k and rude as f–k!!! There are better ways to say you don’t care for someone’s music. That was very disrespectful. And yes straight out f–k you and your smug answer.”

The following day, Crosby tweeted,. “[Jimi] Hendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really,” he wrote. “[L]ook I get it ..many of you loved Van Halen ….and the one time I met [him] he was nice ….and he was talented …meh to me means I don’t care that much ….and I don’t …doesn’t mean he wasn’t good , he was but not for me.”

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  1. Dana – if interested, I am selling samples at genesimmons.com – reasonable rates. Who wouldn’t want to have a little Demon in the family?

    (hope the above does not offend – trying to be funny in a crappy year).

    1. LOL!!! Love it too funny, I am surprised that Gene actually has not done that, and thhe would make all those interested in signing a legal phone book to protect himself from any legal obligations, such as, child support and possible STD infection.

    2. LMAO! If it were up to Gene, I think he’d sell his samples in a second, but I don’t think Shannon would allow that.

  2. I delivered a pizza to David Crosby once. 84 or 85 he lived in a beat up old shack looking place up in the hills north of SF, on a sweet piece of land in the woods that probably has a multi million dollar mansion on it today.
    The guy looked like a vampire, like he hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. Big, scraggly beard, woulda looked perfect in an ad for The Walking Dead.
    I’m sure when I drove up in my old VW I was cranking something loud & crunchy.
    RIP Eddie!

  3. He’s just a cranky old man, who’s music is just protest songs and probably has no living audience, who used to listen to his music on the classic radio stations. They probably killed all their brain cells with the pot and drug use.

    Also, David Crosby as a sperm donor, bad idea considering he has a addictive personality and it is possibly hereditary trait. CSN is sleepy time music.

    1. Why would anybody, ANYBODY, choose David Crosby as a sperm donor??? Anyway, as far as CSN-Y, I actually like some of their songs, namely “Woodstock,” and “Carry On.” CSN-Y has David Crosby, Pink Floyd has Roger Waters, unfortunately almost every band has at least 1 a–hole in the group.

  4. OK News flash everything’s OK (Not) David Crosby just forgot Eddie passed away
    Guess it was all the drugs and Alcohol during the 60’s n 70’s
    So he’s a cranky old senile man

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