kirkwindstein640 Echo Asylum‘s Insanity spoke with Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein. has transcribed the part of the discussion where he discussed KISS and why they should quit making new albums.

Windstein said, “You hate to say it, but some bands, as they get older, they put out a record as an excuse to go on tour.”

He continues, “As big a fan as I am of KISS, and, actually, after reading Paul Stanley’s book, I have a whole new insight on why they have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in KISS, and I do agree with Gene and Paul that at this point they probably do belong in KISS, even though Ace [Frehley] is my favorite character and member. But with a band like KISS, honestly, I wish that they would quit making records, because I haven’t liked the last couple of records that they’ve done. I understand they wanna make new music, but Jesus, the guys are getting close to their mid-60s now, and it’s, like, let’s be honest… For the most part, the people [buy KISS concert tickets] to see… they wanna hear Detroit Rock City, Rock And Roll All Nite, She, God Of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud… I mean, they’re not buying the tickets to hear the songs off the new record, and it’s kind of like an excuse, like I was saying to just… It’s just my opinion, [and] it doesn’t mean shit, but, to me, I think they should just continue to do the classic KISS stuff.”

The singer adds, “The thing is there are a lot of bands that have been around a long time that are putting out amazing records, like Exodus and Testament, a lot of bands that were very popular and kind of died down and are popular [again]… You know why? Because, I mean, it is nostalgia, to a degree, but they’re also putting out records that are fucking amazing. So we wanna be one of those bands. We don’t wanna live off anything we’ve done in the past, we want to continue to build our audience with Crowbar and look forward. We don’t have rearview mirrors on our fucking mirror. [We] just look forward and roll.”

Crowbar’s latest album, Symmetry In Black, was realeased in North America on May 27th through Entertainment One Music.

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  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    Just love some of these comments. “I’ve never heard of this guy”…? Yes, we all know that if you’ve never heard of a musician, he must not matter. Many people don’t know who Arthur Brown is, but he was a major influence on Bruce Dickenson. How about the band Love? Major influence on Alice Cooper. The list goes on. This guy may suck or not, but just maybe he has a valid point. Maybe he influenced the next rock god. Or not. But the dude has a point imo.

  • Harry Taint on

    He has a perfect Santa Clause beard. Look at that thing.

    • James K. on

      And that’s an older picture. You ought to see his beard now. It’s mostly white, twice as long and twice as full and twice as out of control. He looks like Santa after a huge drinking binge.

  • Paul Medenwaldt on

    Kirk mentions the reason why people go to KISS show is because of the classic songs. Though I enjoy the classic songs, I get tired of hearing them over and over again. That’s the main reason I don’t go do KISS shows recently because i’ve heard all these songs before in concert. I would want more new stuff included with the classics and maybe some rarities. Hell throw in a Tommy or Eric song from the last 2 albums, I’ve quite enjoyed them.

  • John C on

    Come on Eddie, is this story worthy of being posted on your site or are you just using it to take a shot at KISS. The last two KISS albums are a billion times better than anything this clown has done in his life.

    • Eddie on

      So by that logic all what agenda do I have when I post pro Kiss stories or stories from Gene and Paul shitting on Ace and Peter or vice versa? We post ALL news and the point of this post isn’t so much about Kiss, but the much larger issue for MANY bands as old as they are and if it’s worth it to make new music. If you recall Kiss themselves said they were done making new music before either of these albums. Hoping to see some comments about the bigger issue not just as it pertains to Kiss. And I give Kirk credit for honestly giving his opinion in this super PC world we are in these days.

    • John C on

      You are correct that at one point KISS did say they would not make new music but it was not too far removed from the Peter and Ace drama and they changed their minds, that happens. The Who did a farewell tour 30 years ago and are still together. I enjoy all carnations of KISS and Ace’s solo stuff. I don’t pay attention to the drama and just take what I can get. I do not know who is right or wrong with the Ace and Peter issues and do not care. There are three sides to every story. Just like all the Van Halen crap that goes on. I enjoy both eras. My point was I did not think this article was worthy of your site and you have shown animosity towards Gene and Paul(which may be justified) . I love that metal show and can totally relate to your passion for hard rock. In no way was this meant to be personal towards you.

    • Eddie on

      Nothing personal John, all opinions welcome. Kiss ended for me when they started having two people impersonate what others created. Up till then I loved everything in and out of makeup. That being said I still play ALL eras of the band and included 2 songs from the last 2 albums on my yearly Kiss special. So whatever issues I may or may not have with Gene and Paul has obviously never gotten in the way of what I present to my audience, ALL sides. Thanks

  • John C on

    Thanks Eddie. I respect all opinions and for the record this is not the KISS version I prefer, but I do think Monster and Sonic Boom are good albums. I never was thrilled about Tommy and Eric in makeup, but also realize that there is no way Ace and Peter could be in the band. If it was up to me, Paul would rest his voice for a year and they would come back low key with Bruce on guitar and Eric on drums without makeup. The make up has run its course. But like I said, if the current version is the only KISS I can get, I will take it.

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