kirkwindstein640 Echo Asylum‘s Insanity spoke with Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein. has transcribed the part of the discussion where he discussed KISS and why they should quit making new albums.

Windstein said, “You hate to say it, but some bands, as they get older, they put out a record as an excuse to go on tour.”

He continues, “As big a fan as I am of KISS, and, actually, after reading Paul Stanley’s book, I have a whole new insight on why they have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in KISS, and I do agree with Gene and Paul that at this point they probably do belong in KISS, even though Ace [Frehley] is my favorite character and member. But with a band like KISS, honestly, I wish that they would quit making records, because I haven’t liked the last couple of records that they’ve done. I understand they wanna make new music, but Jesus, the guys are getting close to their mid-60s now, and it’s, like, let’s be honest… For the most part, the people [buy KISS concert tickets] to see… they wanna hear Detroit Rock City, Rock And Roll All Nite, She, God Of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud… I mean, they’re not buying the tickets to hear the songs off the new record, and it’s kind of like an excuse, like I was saying to just… It’s just my opinion, [and] it doesn’t mean shit, but, to me, I think they should just continue to do the classic KISS stuff.”

The singer adds, “The thing is there are a lot of bands that have been around a long time that are putting out amazing records, like Exodus and Testament, a lot of bands that were very popular and kind of died down and are popular [again]… You know why? Because, I mean, it is nostalgia, to a degree, but they’re also putting out records that are fucking amazing. So we wanna be one of those bands. We don’t wanna live off anything we’ve done in the past, we want to continue to build our audience with Crowbar and look forward. We don’t have rearview mirrors on our fucking mirror. [We] just look forward and roll.”

Crowbar’s latest album, Symmetry In Black, was realeased in North America on May 27th through Entertainment One Music.

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  • James K. on

    You know, I’m old school Kiss, not a fan of them now and definitely not a fan of what they’ve done with dressing Eric and Tommy in Peter and Ace’s makeup and costumes. But it’s Paul and Gene’s right to make new music if they want. It may not be accepted by classic Kiss fans like me and Kirk but it’s not anyone else’s place to tell them they shouldn’t make any more music, only Paul and Gene can decide that. I’ll never say just because someone is in their mid sixties they should stop making new music because everyone may not want to hear it. Most of the bands I grew up with are at that age or getting close to it. How would Kirk like it if someone said something like that about him when he’s at Paul and Gene’s age?

  • Michael Rubin on

    I have never heard of this guy in my life, so who really cares what he thinks

  • Brian Coddington on

    I 100% disagree. I am a lifelong Kiss fan and am just happy my fav band is still around. Of course the last 3 albums are not as good as the classic albums but who cares. It is new music from my fav band. if people are going to see them sing She they will be disapointed!! Let me know when Crowbar puts out a 2 cd best of on their 40th anniversary. I’ll see you at the next Crowbar Convention!

  • Frank Wolf on

    I agree that the recent albums are crummy…I quit buying them because they use the same formula and don’t have any musical variation. Musically there is just nothing interesting anymore… that is why I have lost interest in KISS.

  • wag daddy on

    Exodus, Testament, Crowbar-couldn’t fill a small club on New Year’s Eve and have never made CLASSIC albums, never had fan conventions held in their honor, never sold millions of albums, etc.-so I have no clue what this twerp is talking about….but KISS’ worst album-‘The Elder’ is better than anything this guy has ever been a part of. The only valid point he made was that after reading Paul’s book he has an understanding of why things are currently the way they are….which I agree with. Sonic Boom/Monster are not Destroyer or Love Gun or Rock And Roll Over, but I will take them over: Animalize, Crazy Nights or Hot In the Shade ANYTIME…….

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