cheapthrillband Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham and guitarist Jeff LaBar along with vocalist/guitarist Brandon Gibbs (formerly of The Gibbs Brothers) and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Gilby Clarke) in a new band called Cheap Thrill.

Cheap Thrill brings you a sound flavored with Cinderella tunes such as Nobody’s Fool, Heartbreak Station and Hello Or Goodbye from LaBar’s soon-to-be-released CD, along with the newest song from Brandon’s solo record, This Town, which is currently featured on ESPN 2 for the NHRA season. This show is littered with popular covers and stadium rock songs.

When Cinderella isn’t touring, Gibbs and Brittingham have always found themselves working together off and on over the last five years. With the recent addition of LaBar, the Nashville-based group CHEAP THRILL made its debut on the Monsters Of Rock cruise in March 2013, with two more rock and roll cruises immediately following.

Brittingham and LaBar are pumped about Cheap Thrill and the opportunity to work together again and alongside Gibbs.

“Being able to transition from a three-piece acoustic show to a full band keeps the project fun and versatile,” says Brittingham. “It’s all about the music,” adds Gibbs. “We have finetuned a product that will appeal to audiences of all ages.”

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  1. Wow! So many vitriolic comments! I never have understood people’s needs to speak negatively of others. (Yeah yeah, freedom of speech…) I saw Cheap Thrill twice, this past weekend and loved the show! I loved hearing the Cinderella songs along with other covers and I loved the new stuff. Plus, all of the guys were great on stage and very entertaining! Not to mention, they were gracious and friendly to chat with, before and after the shows.

  2. Hey! Dudes. How the hell can I watch all my favorite that metal show episodes? I have tried to get the vh1 app so that I can watch them but, it’s not working!

  3. So ……who the hell gives a f-ING s–t about whether or not that Cinderella has no new music and just keeps playing the same songs over and over? Hey, when they can get a record deal and they all really wanna make a new record, they will!!!!! At least give them SOME slack! -Gabrielle

  4. I have been a fan of Cinderella since I was 14 years old, and I can honestly say that they are the first band I actually listened to that made me love hair metal and rock n’ roll. I really hope that you show a repeated episode of that metal show showing Eric brittIngham! He’s one of my favorite bass guitarist players! And , Eddie, fuchsia whoever says s–t about your radio show.

  5. As long as you’re happy with your radio show, then that is all that matters. You host one of the coolest metal TV shows! That metal show! Who f-ingredients cares what anyone else says?! You’re awesome in my opinion! -Gabrielle

    1. Don’t laugh. I had serious typing errors. DAMN tablet! (Here is what I meant to say. Lol! Who f-ING cares. And f what anyone else says about your radio show. ) (laughing) -Gabrielle

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