Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham was recently interviewed on the Talk Toomey podcast where he discussed the future of the band. Excerpts from the interview appear below, as transcribed by

On the future of Cinderella:

“That is the big question. It’s, like, what are we doing? It’s been four years now that Tom’s [Keifer, (frontman)] been on his own. I don’t think he’s coming back. So that’s probably the big question. I guess that’s the big question that I have: what are we doing? ‘Cause we’re not making any new music [and] he is, so I guess that’s probably the answer right there.”

…It went from just doing, like, whatever just to fill the time. [I thought] ‘[Tom’s] solo record’s coming out, so I guess we’re not touring this year. I guess we’ll do it next year.’ And here’s four years later, and it’s, like, okay, I’m still kind of playing… I’m playing in four different freakin’ projects at the moment — I’ve got a residency, I’ve got a southern rock thing, I’ve got an original thing, a power-trio thing I’m doing… It’s, like, I’m just making my ends meet.”

…If [Tom] wants to do a tour [with CINDERELLA], I’m in. I’m glad that I didn’t hold my breath. I’d be blue now. [Laughs] Like I said, Tom’s having fun doing what he’s doing, so I guess, all in all, I’m looking to do something more permanent, I guess, too. I don’t know what that would be, but… We’ll see. If any bands are out there that are looking for a permanent bass player, apparently I am free. [Laughs]”

Tom Keifer released his solo album, The Way Life Goes, on April 30th, 2013. Cinderella’s last release was 1994’s, Still Climbing.

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  • Michael B on

    Of all those late 80’s bands, Cinderella was probably among the top. Unfortunately, they got caught up in the pastels and glam look which was unfortunate. Great rock songs.

    How many times did you see AC/DC copying the latest look to be on MTV? You didn’t. The music kicked your ass.

  • Kevin G on

    So true about Acdc. They stuck to their guns and the music they believed in. I think in the end what killed a lot of the 80s hair bands (oops did I say that,) was they all had to look the same, and in most cases sound the same. It’s unfortunate because a lot of those bands had some fantastic musicians and vocalists, they just looked so ridiculous.

  • Bryan Kirby on

    A lot of those bands were forced to conform to those ways by the record companies if they wanted their record out. It’s obvious that Cinderella were forced to “glam up” their look, but the success of their debut allowed them to leave that behind. Similar to Skid Row who had to polish their sound for the debut, but quickly changed after success gave them more the freedom to do so.

  • morris Jenkins on

    Sorry, but I never considered Cinderella a ‘glam band’ or ‘hair band’, etc – to me, they were simply just a killer rock-n-roll band up there with AC/DC, Zeppelin, Badlands, etc and so many others of that genre. We’ve known for many years that MTV (and a lot of management companies/producers) ruined a LOT of really great bands because of ridiculous ‘imagery’. The ONLY thing in the end that should matter is the MUSIC – period. (if music was purely based on ‘image’ vs. music – then we’d have about 12-13 bands worth listening to since 1968:) Buy the damn record, smoke a joint, take them both in and enjoy the journey. It shouldn’t be that complicated really – forget what the band ‘looks like’ and focus on what the ‘colors & sounds’ look like 🙂

  • Harold Taint on

    I saw Tom Keifer narrowly miss getting hit with a whiskey bottle when they opened for AC/DC in 1988. Great reflexes he had.

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