chipznuff400 On February 3rd, Deadline Music (imprint of Cleopatra Records) will release Strange Time, the first solo album by Chip Z’nuff. The ten track record marks a departure from the trademark Enuff Z’nuff trip-pop sound, with heavier guitars and more psychedelic elements. In addition to special guest appearances, the album includes a bonus five track EP collaboration with Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses).

“It’s a stoner rock record,” said Z’nuff, matter-of-factly. “What I have with Enuff Z’nuff is special, but this is a labor of love. I started these songs while going through every type of hard time – family, finances, relationships – and found moments of clarity while writing.” He also called on some tour buddies and long-time friends to guest on the record.

Having played bass for both Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) and Adler (Adler’s Appetite), Z’nuff knew they’d contribute something truly unique (Z’nuff calls Adler’s drumming “incendiary”). Home state legend Robin Zander lends his pipes to All Day and All of the Night. Geezer Butler’s son, Biff, sings on Rockstar.

Strange Time was recorded at Chicago Recording Company in Chicago and Abbey Road Studios in London. Performers include Z’nuff (vocals, guitar, bass), Adler (drums, percussion), Biff Butler, James Morrison Jr., Steve Ramone, Sir Ashley Scott, Robin Zander, and Scott Faukes.

Strange Time track listing:
~ all songs written by Chip Z’nuff except where noted ~

Strange Time (written by Chip Z’nuff and Trent Reznor)
Still Love Your Face (written by Chip Z’nuff and Wendel Rey)
F..Mary..Kill (written by Chip Z’nuff, Howard Stern, and Steve Miller)
Anna Nichole (written by Chip Z’nuff and Syklopps)
Strike Three
Hello To The Drugs
All Day And All Of The Night – featuring Robin Zander & Steven Adler (written by Ray Davies)

Bonus EP: Steven Adler and Chip Z’Nuff

My Town
Yesterday (Another Wasted Day)
The Game
Tonight We Met (And Now We’re Going To Fuck) – featuring Slash & Dale Bozzio
The Pain Is All On You (written by Chip Z’nuff, Steven Adler, Paul McCartney)

Stream the song Hello To The Drugs, here.

Strange Time will be available at record stores and online retailers including iTunes and Amazon on February 3rd.

In addition to a career in broadcasting as a go-to guest on Howard Stern’s radio show and co-host of “Mancow TV,” Chip is writing his autobiography. It will chronicle, in part, his three decades in EZ. In 1989, Enuff Z’nuff released its self-titled debut, and the hit singles New Thing and Fly High Michelle, which earned them the first of two Gold records, huge credibility in the music video landscape, and legions of fans from the pop, rock, hippie, metal, and glam communities. Rolling Stone, David Letterman, and Howard Stern have all been continued vocal supporters of the band.

Enuff Z’nuff has a west coast run in February:

19 Vamp’d Las Vegas
20 Whisky-a-Go Go Los Angeles
21 Fulton 55 Fresno
22 The Boardwalk Sacramento
24 El Corazon Seattle
25 Tonic Lounge Portland
27 RockBar Theater San Jose
28 TBA

To connect with Enuff Z’nuff on the web:


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  • James K. on

    I’m so glad that I’ve never gotten stoned. Look what it turns you into. No thanks.

    • lisa newman on

      it turns you into a successful musician who has been in the industry for over 25 years….whats wrong with that??

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    I walked out on an EZ show on their first album tour. They were sloppy and sounded like garbage. Chip tried talking to the crowd and was slurring and laughing and made no sense. He was embarrassing himself and insulting the people who came and paid to see them by being a blithering fool.

    • lisa newman on

      their first tour they were brand new and inexperienced… you walked out and didnt give them a chance. i doubt very much that mr znuff was “embarrassing himself, slurring his words, and insulting the people that came to see him by being a blithering fool”. mr znuff has been nothing ever but the consummate professional.

    • Tyler on

      “…sloppy and sounded like garbage. Chip tried talking to the crowd and was slurring and laughing and made no sense. He was embarrassing himself…..”

      Exactly how I would describe the first album I wasted $10 on, never bought another.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    I cannot fathom as to why the great and massively underrated Robin Zander would waste his time with this buffoon.

  • lisa newman on

    because mr zander knows talent and works with talented people. mr znuff is no different. there is only one buffoon here,….the one that doesnt know if he has nothing nice to say, he shouldnt post anything.

  • lisa newman on

    this album, originally released as ‘the death of harry potter’ by johnny rotten jr showcases mr znuff’s ability and individuality. this has a completely different sound than any enuff znuff record. it should be listened to, and enjoyed in its own right. its a great album.

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