motleycrue640 Motley Crue appeared on January 22nd episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon playing Girls, Girls, Girls. Watch the performance below (Ed’s note: Once Fallon posts this to his youtube page, I will switch the video out).

As previously reported, Motley Crue has announced that their final live performance will be take place on December 31st, 2015 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. To view Motely Crue’s tour itinerary and hear their new single, All Bad Things, click here.

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  • Doug on

    Mick Mars looks healthier. Great to see!

  • Michael B on

    I’m not sure what Generation Swine album you listened to, but the one I have sounded like a band trying way to hard to be relevant in the 90’s with mediocre songs with a little poorly done industrial/electronic sprinkled on top for no reason.

    The Corabi CD is phenomenal.

    They looked and sounded great on Fallon. Ol’ Vince has his middle aged gut, but nobody’s perfect. I too like to eat.

  • Chris Adams on

    Even though they are using some backing tracks including guitars, most likely to sound good for TV. They sound great. So let me get this straight. They get along, sound their best, act like mature human beings and Mick is kicking ass. Tommy full of energy, Sixx actually playing his instrument and Vince sounding pretty damn good here. They are wrapping it up? I don’t buy it. Signed contract. Just paper.

    • Coredrum on

      Glad someone else noticed the tracking, but the only actual 100% real playing was Tommy and Mick…Nikki’s bass lines were clearly there without his hands playing so I disagree on him and Vince’s voice was so tracked that I was embarrassed for him….this was not for Tv, this is for every live show and Mick said it on Eddie’s radio show flat out…he called it the Britney Spears show himself…they should retire. I’ve seen them enough front row in the last few years to absolutely know this is a fact…sitting that close ruined it for me because it was so obviously tracked that they should be ashamed…people rag on Paul Stanley because of his use of Eric Singer to support his vocals, but at least they are really doing it live…Ozzy too, he sounds like crap, but it’s really him…

  • Nathan Denney on

    Saw the Crue in October–Alice Cooper great as always. The Crue on the other hand is done. I can’t comment on Nikki because I was so amazed that Vince was that bad that I couldn’t focus on anything else.

  • Tyler on

    If Vince is tracked then why do they use a track that sounds like a mouth full of marbles most of the time… “raising hell at the seventh veil” but one example. I don’t doubt Mick is having fun, hes the real deal and obvious that Tommy is having a good time…. you sense zero enthusiasm from Nikki or Vince… poor guys… rough being a millionaire.

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