glennhughesjasonbonham400 California Breed, the band initially consisting of bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes, guitarist and vocalist Andrew Watt, and drummer Jason Bonham and then Bonhams’s subsequently replaced by Joey Castillo, have posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“The band is over…what a logo though right?”

Andrew Watt elaborated further on the situation by saying, “To the California Breed fans here…I put everything I had into this band…all I can say is I was in it for the long hall…I have a lot of new music for you guys…going to be announcing my plans soon…I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you supporting us, buying our music, coming to our shows…this is not the end…it is truly the beginning…cannot wait to continue the quest to bring rock n roll back to the people that are hungry for it…what an amazing learning experience for me here and introduction to an amazing world of people and fans that share love for the same thing.”

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  • Ken Davis on

    What is the deal with all of the groups that Glen forms? I was really into BCC, and then started getting into CB. Both broke up before I could ever see them play live. This sucks. Why can’t these guys stay together? Is it Glen? Is it everyone else? I have always thought that the breakup of BCC was Joe’s fault because he had so much going on already, but now I am beginning to wonder.

    • Eddie on

      The problem with BCC was that Joe’s solo career was way bigger than that band and there was no way he was going to focus on BCC. It was a side thing to him when to the other guys it was priority. No idea about CA yet but I am going to interview Glenn soon.

  • Mark Hoffman on

    Maybe Glenn should just wait for someone to ask HIM to join a band.. and Just say “Yes- let’s tour”.. and Ok, we can sing “Burn” at the end of the show.. Glenn is so friggin’ talented. I have met him several times- an awesome guy. I’m one of those old Trapeze and beyond fans- been with him for the full ride. I’m gonna try to support him on any project- but I admit- it was real tough to support “California Breed”. I just felt he was alienating his true base with this band. I liked ..maybe two of the songs. Both he and Jason saw the possibilities with BCC, and just couldn’t let go. That’s understandable I think. All respect to young Andrew- yes- simplicity worked well with Mel, but that was in the seventies. Andrew was just so far from the caliber- guitarists that has, and should be working with. However- I think Glenn and Jason were perfect together. So now what? A film? Hmmn? Does it have anything to do with his book? Bring on another solo album in the mean time… look for another guitarist that naturally blends like JJ, Thrall, and my god- he and Iommi (I think) worked so well together (That’s not gonna happen 🙁 ). Glenn is still pretty well respected among his peer’s- he will come up with something- there is a lot of fire and love for what he does left in him. I personally hope he does not slow down. Just move on.

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