CalebJohnson400 Ashville, North Carolina native Caleb Johnson, 23, was crowned American Idol season 13 winner tonight (May 21st) proving rock reigned supreme this season.

Johnson performed on the finale with KISS. Watch the performance below.

Johnson became popular this season for his strong, but soulful voice and won fans over with his renditions of Whitesnake’s Still of the Night, Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused and Rival Son’s Pressure and Time.

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  • Craig on

    Forget Paul’s voice… what is up with that Phyllis Diller wig?? Just embarrassing. And Ace is the problem???

  • George on

    Paul was terrible, and so was Gene…I have defended Paul and Gene before on this site and still would under those circumstances, but both voices were shot last night…the costumes are not looking good. Take off the makeup, and stop…I can’t believe I am saying it but it really is time to hang up the Kiss phenomenon of old. They can still make music and I did lie Sonic Boom ad Monster but the spectacle isn’t the same with 60 something’s jumping around in costumes…There are songs Paul can still do, but not many and certainly none from the non-makeup years…

  • Billy DiNapoli on

    There is no doubt that Paul’s voice sounded shot during the Idol appearance. I will say that it is now hit or miss with Paul. If you saw Kiss on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon he Sounded great. They belted out King of the Night time World, Hotter than Hell, and sounded spot on. Fortunately I have never seen Paul struggle like that at a show I was at. I have seen him struggle often in recent years( David letterman,NCAA tourney event in NewOrleans). There have been many other National television appearances Where I have seen him sound pretty bad. What’s it mean? It means the same thing for all Rock singers eventually. This is why you will never see a Led Zep reunion cus Plant Knows he couldn’t hack a full tour. For the Guy who said Robin Zander sounds better that ever, I have seen him Sound terrible at times, and great at other times. The Rest of the Band however sounds better than ever. As players they are one of the better lineups. I mean Honestly, from a musicians point of view any one of them would tell you that technically Kulick and Vincent were the finest players in Kiss. Yes the Original 4 were the most iconic and successful, but the current lineup is Tight musically. Eric Singer is a world class drummer and that’s the back bone of any band. For Paul the end may be coming sooner than he thinks. That is truly sad because love him or hate him one thing is certain..Paul Stanley is one of the Greatest Lead Singer/Frontmen of all time, who always showed up for the band, good times, bad times, sober and ready to work.

  • Billy DiNapoli on

    Just for the record I urge the people who post comments here on this site to try to offer their opinions and insight with out swearing at each other or someone else. Eddie who ever is moderating this forum is doing a bad job lately. It makes Eddie and all associated with Rock and Hard Rock music look Bad. Just sayin… I appreciate this site and all those who take part and in it, But I hate when people give Rockers a bad name.

    • Dana on


      I agree with your comment, but it’s a fine line between offensive and snarky.

      When I was trashing comments, certain posters (cough, cough) were complaining about censorship. Anything racist or threatening in nature gets removed immediately. If it were up to me, I would delete a lot of the caustic and cruel comments, but if they aren’t stating anything racist or violent in nature, my hands are tied.

      I also think that type of behavior gives metal fans a bad name, and is quite sad when people have nothing better to do than get their jollies off of being an internet troll.

      Dana from 🙂

  • Ryan B. on

    A year or two more of this and Paul will have to be doing a full scale spoken word Kiss concert. He has clearly went from singing to nearly talking through the song, and that isn’t a good thing.

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