In a recent interview with Celebrity Access Encore, Sharon Osbourne slammed former Ozzy Osbourne bassist, Bob Daisley‘s, contributions to Osbourne’s solo career, and even referred to the musician “a sad old f%$k.”

Daisley has posted the following message on his Facebook page writing:

“I have to say, I’m truly moved and impressed by the fans who have left messages and supportive words. It’s good to know that so many of you valuable people know so much about my history and are aware of the actual truth. I’d simply like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you; I’ve read every single message that was posted.
Love to you all,
Bob Daisley.”

Underneath his message, Daisley also posted picture of what appears to be a picture of the Ultimate Sin era Osbourne, with the caption, “When Ozzy thanked his ‘Long-time lyricist and mate Bob Daisley’, from Billboard Magazine, 1986.

Daisley has repeatedly said in interviews, and in his memoir, For Facts Sake, that he, [Drummer Lee] Kerslake and guitarist Randy Rhoads were initially led to believe they would be part of a band called Blizzard Of Ozz, with Ozzy as the group’s lead singer.

Nine months ago, Sharon and Ozzy announced that Daisley had re-signed his U.S. publishing to their Blizzard Music Limited company after the 35-year reversion period. This new agreement encompasses songs co-written by Daisley from the first two Ozzy solo albums, which remain under the full control of Blizzard Music Limited worldwide.

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  1. It says OZZY OSBORNE’S THE BLIZZARD OF OZ. They were using Ozzy to sell the band. Ozzy is the biggest star in metal history, undisputed. That entire band was enormously talented but they marketed a superstar with big time results. Without Ozzy, we’re not talking on this website 38 years later. Mehaffey is right. Ozzy is backed by Sharon and Shannon. Ozzy is the best, Daisley is great but he never bit the head off of a dove.

    Doug….Ozzy was in his hotel room when Sharon decided to manage him…this was way before Ozzy had any other musicians….
    That article Rattle offered up is terrible…You guys are trying to put together a story that’s totally ad hoc where the only thing that’s holding it up is this hatred of Sharon…
    The band was called Blizzard of Ozz ….which is another way of saying the band was called Ozzy Osbourne, which is another way of saying it was a solo act from day one…and even if it wasn’t ….Ozzy had a right to change it before his first record came out…lol……iand if he did, which he didn’t, that was the absolute right decsion…

    1. Nothing to do with Wikipedia, Einstein. Okay, Shannon, we’re all wrong (including Eddie Trunk, and Bob Daisley himself) and you’re right, there, feel better now?

    1. Sharon is a bit too ruthless, I never said she wasn’t but Blizzard of Ozz was never a band…that was the topic..not Jake, which is a collateral matter…TYGAH, and besides what’s important here is the growth and greatness of Trunk Nation.

    2. Oh come on, don’t dodge. If you’re getting into an argument about facts, you have to open yourself up to scrutiny over your standards of evidence and proof.

    3. Shannon, yes, initially it was supposed to be a band. That doesn’t mean Ozzy wasn’t the focal member, which he was, but it was initially supposed to be a band. Hell, even Jet Records released press kits branding the members as Blizzard of Ozz!

    4. Rattle, Blizzard of Ozz was a band as much as Diana Ross and the Supremes were a band…I mean, dude, the name of the band is his namesake…for God’s sake man, this is just grasping…..It’s a freaking duck Rattle…it walks like a duck…that was not a band in the sense of band as in the Beatles or Kiss..Bob is a great writer and great bass player, as Sharon said…..for f’s sake and jumpin Dougeeeee at his 45th Grateful Dead concert….Bob was a sideman and if you think different you’re just as delusional as…sorry.

      Tygah, the Dodgers are my favorite team and they’re really on a roll this season…whereas the Mets look like they’re a halfway minor league team…But…I have said it on here previously that Jake did not write the Bark At the Moon record because Ron Mancuso from Beggars and Thieves wrote it and Ron showed the contracts that Sharon had him sign to my best friend…you don’t have to believe me ……but you should note that Bark sounds nothing like Sin, except for one song that Jake didn’t write.

    5. Was it called Ozzy Osbourne and the Blizzard of Oz (like Diana Ross and the Supremes)? No, it was called Blizzard of Oz, it is ambiguous. No offense, but Eddie has far more insight on this topic than you, I defer to his expertise.

    6. So…If Blizzard of OZZ say…had to get another singer…lol…I mean, really?

    7. You are still not getting it, Ozzy is the singer. However, it was originally agreed upon that it would be an egalitarian band. Just like Black Sabbath, who reportedly, used to split their monies, into four equal parts.

      Same deal with Van Halen, until they decided Anthony should get a smaller piece of the pie. The band was named Van Halen, regardless of Dave being the singer, that did not change the fact it was A BAND, first and foremost.

      Also, are you questioning Eddie’s inside knowledge of these events?

    8. Bands like Sabbath and Van Halen started out from nothing and split everytning equally to keep the unity because that’s half the battle of making it when you’re starting out…Every band situation is different; The Who is, or was a band but Pete Townshend gets all of the publishing and songwriting …Kiss was a band but ended up having hired guns who got paid for playing, and writing too; a flat fee for writing the songs…which is what Bob had whether he wants to say it was a band or not. His complaint is that he got told one thing and then another after he was already invovled. I understand that.

    9. I could have bet the farm, as soon as I hit the “reply” button, you were going to write that, and almost pre-addressed the issue, but chose otherwise.

      Form what I understand, Dailsey, Kerlslake, and Rhoads were victims of a bait-and-switch with Ozzy’s gentleman’s agreement, aka a handshake. Sharon, for her part, learned every trick in the book, from her dear old departed, Dad.

    10. Bob lost in court too didn’t he? The thing about contracts is that it doesn’t matter what someone thinks about the agreement; contracts are always viewed objectively. The court evidently didn’t agree with Bob.

    11. Don Arden was a great manager.
      A solo artist weathers lineup changes.
      Statutes of limitation are there to prohobit frivilous lawsuits.
      Bob spelled backwards is Bob.

    12. Whatever, I don’t agree. Arden was, even by Sharon’s own admissions: a thief, a criminal, a gangster and a person who threatened people with physical harm and death, including his own daughter. If that is your idea of a “great” manager, to quote Ozzy, “You said it all.”

    13. Don’t hyperventilate, Shannon. Calm down and count to three and you’ll feel better…

  3. Just throwing it out there. Who was the only band member on the album cover? Remember the band that did WHITESNAKE 1987 was unbelievable but the only indispensable member was David Coverdale.

    1. I disagree, Whitesnake was never the same after Sykes was let go, nor was the material. Firing Powell, and Murray, was also a colossal mistake, in my opinion.

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