georgewlynch.dougpinnik640 KXM, a new band featuring guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken), bassist/vocalist Dug Pinnick (King’s X) and drummer Ray Luzier (KORN) will release their self-titled debut album on March 11th through Rat Pak Records.

To read more about KXM, please click here.

Audio samples can be heard below.

The track listing for KXM is:

1. Stars
2. Rescue Me
3. Gun Fight
4. Never Stop
5. Faith Is A Room
6. I’ll Be Ok
7. Sleep
8. Love
9. Burn
10. Do It Now
11. Human Friction
12. Tranquilize (Bonus Track)
13. Rescue Me (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)


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  • Lee on

    I’d rather hear a reformed Vanilla Fudge no matter how dumb Carmine’s kit looks like taking over the entire stage.

    • John G on

      Speaking of Carmine, I’d rather listen to the original Cactus than latter period Whitesnake anyday. Jim McCarty played some great guitar in those days. Lotta Zep influence, but with their singer and Jim’s guitar work they had their own sound. I like “Bag Drag.” There’s some good stuff on YouTube – great version of Bag Drag/Evil to check out. It’d be nice if Eddie featured some of these great early bands rather than focusing on some 1980s/90s hair.

    • DR on

      Which ‘latter period Whitesnake’ are you referring to? If it’s Sykes, I’m there with you. Dude still doesn’t get enough respect. As for KXM, I’m a Lynch guy, but this doesn’t past the smell test for me. Maybe its Doug Pinnick, I never ‘dug’ that guy’s voice. Luckily George’s projects don’t last very long and he’ll be onto something better soon.

    • Dana on


      I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about Sykes. Big shock, right? 😉 LOL!

      D from 🙂

    • DR on

      I was listening to Some Blue Murder on the weekend along with Slide it In. I’ve come to realize that Sykes is one of my faves to listen to. With all the recent posts about Bonamassa, Vai, and some others I realize there are few guys like Sykes that I can just listen to no matter which project it is. He has such a distinct sound and style that is completely his own. He does not get any credit for the Whitesnake album from 87. I love Coverdale but Sykes is that album! I need that dude to release something new.

    • Dana on


      You and I are in simpatico about Sykes. I worship him because he is a triple threat: great guitarist, singer and songwriter. His talent is so over looked and underrated, it’s really a shame. The first Blue Murder album is just amazing.

      I couldn’t agree with you more about him putting out new material. That is a major talent going to waste. Hopefully, he will surprise us by finally releasing something new. You here that John?? (cue the crickets) LOL!!!

      D 🙂

    • John G on

      I’m not a big Whitesnake guy. I was talking post Mickey Moody. Basically the MTV era stuff. Not that familiar with the Sykes stuff. I just didn’t want to lump the whole band in there, since I don’t know all their material. Basically I was trying to say I like Cactus better than a lot of the popular MTV metal bands.

      And yes, I know Dana is a big Sykes fan!

    • Dana on


      When you have some down time, and if you’re interested, you can listen to Blue Murder’s entire first album here:

      Carmine Appice is the drummer and Tony Franklin is the bassist. Carmine has told Eddie on many an occasion that he wished John would put this lineup back together and that he was very proud of the material on this album.

      Enjoy and all my best,
      Dana from 🙂

  • Dave on

    Thank you for posting this incredible piece of work. KXM!!!! ROCKS!!!!! Looking forward to the record…
    Peace Brother

  • vin on

    omg, i fng hate this!!! i watched the hunter video the other day; thats mr scary, not this kreamed korn krap. unfngbelievable. thanks for saving me 15 bucks!!!

  • Lee on

    Lynch follows the paycheck…much like Sarzo. McCarty’s band Rockets were great. Always with Seger. His Mitch Ryder days blow away Cactus. Saw him in ’66 at the N.Y.World’s Fair at the N.Y. Pavilion with Mitch. Mitch was like James Brown with plug in him.

  • Jareth G on

    I’m a loyal Lynch Mob fan (the George and Oni version). That said, this KXM album contains some inspired music. A real and refreshing departure for Lynch. Dug’s influence is heavy here, but it really works well with Ray’s drumming and Lynch’s riffing and soloing. I’m glad they got together and created this project. I’ll definitely be picking it up and enjoying it.

    It may just tie me over until George realizes he needs to reconnect with Oni and pick up where they left off with Sound Mountain Sessions.

    • DR on

      Agree on your Oni take. The first Lynch Mob record is by far the best IMO. Logan was a real find for George and that album didn’t make me miss Dokken as much as I thought it would. Was disappointed when Oni wasn’t on the second LM album. Still love ‘For a Million Years’.

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