The eagerly anticipated second leg of Armored Saint‘s North American tour supporting W.A.S.P. has been canceled due to extensive back injuries suffered by W.A.S.P.’s Blackie Lawless during the European leg of the run. The tour will be canceled so Lawless can complete a full recovery. Tickets and VIP packages can be refunded at the point of purchase.

Armored Saint vocalist John Bush comments, “To say we are super bummed about the tour being canceled would be an understatement. We were all prepping hard, and I was looking forward to turning 60 years old in Wheeling, West Virginia. That being said, we understand Blackie’s physical condition and we stand behind him and hope for a speedy recovery. Thank you to all the fans who purchased tickets and VIP packages. The Concert Tickets and VIP packages can be refunded at the point of purchase. Armored Saint VIP Upgrade holders should go to for a full refund. Thank you for all your loyalty as always! I’m gonna turn a negative into a positive and let you know that his little snafu has allowed us to start writing songs for a new record. It’s sounding killer!”

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  • Rattlehead on

    Damn! I had tix for the San Diego show. Too bad Armored Saint can’t tour these dates as headliner ….I’m sure they could fill the venues.

  • ramithard on

    Youre right RH…….keep the dates and get an opener like Rival Sons or Dirty Honey….glad I caught the show last October in Anaheim…..I was close enough to see John Bush’s veins popping in his temples while he belted it out…..Blackie?. no veins….

  • Wrecked Neck on

    Saw this tour last year and was really surprised at how good Blackie sounded. It was a great show and far exceeded my expectations. I was kind of bored though when Armored Saint was on stage. Never could get into those guys. It’s a shame W.A.S.P. can’t do this tour, because they were almost sold out at every venue they played. Hopefully they’ll do another one soon.

    • ramithard on

      hey Wrecked?….YOU were surprised by how good Blackie sounded?…Guess what?

      SO WAS HE !!!!!!!

    • Tom Man on

      Hey Wrecked Neck. Just wanted to say hi. I never got a chance to see WASP. Hopefully I will one day.

  • Rattlehead on

    WN, did you know Blackie sings to a track? He does it cuz he claims fans want to hear the songs EXACTLY as the records.

    • Wrecked Neck on

      Nope have no clue what he does. As long as he’s singing and not lip syncing, then he can do whatever he wants. I don’t like it but if it’s just backing tracks then so be it. If he’s pulling a Kiss, then I’m sorry I gave him my money.

    • Rattlehead on

      WN, Blackie sings to a track, identical to what KI$$ does.

  • Rattlehead on

    WN, I respect your opinion of Armored Saint, but I have a contrary opinion. To me, Armored Saint is one of my top “Should have been Huge” bands. Can I inquire what it was about Armored Saint that prevented you from getting into them? Honestly, I’ve never read or heard anybody into hard rock/metal, that has knowledge of Armored Saint, comment anything but positive about them.

    I’ve seen them many times, 1st time back in 1984 opening for Metallica in a 400 seat venue. And IMO, they blew Metallica away…..and this was Metallica with Cliff Burton on bass! I honestly love Armored Saint and see them every chance I get.

    • Dana on


      I happen to know firsthand, that Mr. Neck shares your love of Slayer, so you can bond over that band. I believe he also likes Megadeth, as well.

    • george on

      Well said Rattlehead! What John Bush did for Anthrax is send them over the top. Made them a great band. Those 4 cds with John Bush are really high up there on my favorite list. Especially vol 8.
      I do have 2 Armored Saints cd .Raising Fear and Punching the Sky. RF has a metal version of Saturday Night Special! Amazing!
      For those who have not heard, Blackie is lip sinking or singing to back track but I love that he admits it. He tells you up front rather than try to hide it. No bull to his fans. He doesnt tour much so i would still see him just to celebrate all the great music that he has put out over the years. The Last Command is my favorite!

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Glad I read this storyline ‘cause I had no idea’r. Totally sucks to hear this for Blackie-WASP & Armored and their remaining tour dates. I was suppose to see them here in Portland @ The Roseland next month on the 7th. I even got balcony seats for the first time.

      Cool story Rattle. 1st and only time I’ve seen Saint was when they opened for Metallica at the 30th Anniversary Fillmore shows, second night. They absolutely shredded. You probably know John came out and sang 4Horseman and that was sweet. Really cool energy from John Bush and his presence in Anthrax-Sound of White Noise- is what made me a fan.

      Look at you Dana, bringing middle aged metal heads together, I love it! \m/ \m/ ;0]===

    • Dana on


      Nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing all of us “metalhead” together.

      BTW, both Tom Mann and Wrecked Neck are from my “Lost In Vegas” and “Deaf2Radio” communities, in case anyone here would like crossover, as well 🙂

      D 🙂

    • ramithard on

      Hey RATTLE

      I’M with you man….love the Saint!!!….and youre right. I’ve never heard anyone that loves metal say they don’t like them.

      I saw the opposite on March 10, 1985 at the Hollywood Palladium….Metallica OPENED for Armored Saint…

      Adam Bomb was first band….I think tickets’ were like 11 bucks!!!!

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