scottian650 Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has announced that he will release an autobiography.

“Why a book? Because I think my story can connect with anyone and, if I was able to make the life I wanted for myself happen, then anyone can,” says Ian. “I’m really excited to be writing a book because the idea of getting forty-something years of stuff out of my brain and onto the page seems very therapeutic. Plus, if I didn’t do it now, I’d start forgetting and wouldn’t be able to share all these killer stories with you, my friends!”

Titled I’m The Man, Ian’s memoirs will be released through Da Capo Press next year and will explore the guitarist’s unbelievable rise from a “nerdy Jewish boy in Queens, New York” to one of the most respected metal guitarists of all time.


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  • Doug on

    Will it be called how to ruin a band? Or who will read this when my own band hates me? Or maybe I’m in love with John Bush.

  • Doug on

    What a douchebag, and his band sucks. Those shows should have been called The BIG 3 and ANTHRAX

  • James on

    Always thought he seemed like a cool guy. Wish him well with his book. Hey Richman, didnt know you knew Dave Mustaine? Please tell us how you know him and what he has to do with Scott Ian’s book?

    • richman on

      You agree with me that Scott is cool and that is al that counts. Fighting words are not condoned on this website. THE LOVER OF LIFE S NOT A SINNER, THE ENDING IS JUST THE BEGINNER……

    • DR on

      I think you can fight a little. Just don’t bring John Sykes into any arguments.

    • richman on

      Dude, you and I are the only Gene Simmons supporters. We need to save our strength for the next 200 comment KISS rant. Notice how all of the streetlight people leave the boulevard when you say that GENE IS GOOD. Ace himself showed up last time. Who gives a shit about Mustaine? I thought it would be funny to throw that in but there s always that one guy….

    • DR on

      I thought Ace had the best response when he simply said ‘Aaaccckk’! I love always looking for that ‘one guy’. He’s always there, and sometimes he has a friend. But if not, you can always count on him showing up with questions or complaints.

    • James on

      No fighting words from me, just simply a question. You’re the one with the “douchebag” name-calling.

  • JD on

    Angus and Malcolm tattoos on either bicep. Interesting…

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