Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to all here in the US tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day with friends and family. I am truly thankful for what I do and you guys are a HUGE part of that by supporting it. So if you read, watch, listen, whatever, thanks, and have a great day!

I will be live Friday night on Q104.3 11P-2A ET. Listen to the live stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Phil Collen calls in and maybe some other surprises. Plus more new Jake E Lee music and tons of tickets to see Michael Schenker in the NYC/NJ area. I’ll also announce the year end FM radio show specials soon.

SiriusXM show recorded next 2 weeks. This Monday I’m hosting a Wounded Warriors benefit at Irving Plaza in NYC, next Monday I’ll be coming back from my first ever trip to Costa Rica to host a metal festival with Overkill and many more. I’ll also be in LA 12/12 to host the first ever live show with Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel at The Whiskey!

Was in Maryland yesterday to shoot an interview with Lamb Of God and director Don Argott. The band has an amazing doc coming out about the band and the experience with Randy being arrested. Honored the guys picked me to do this important interview in their history. It will be a bonus on the DVD and also seen in the theatrical releases as well.

Don’t forget to join me and Mike Portnoy for a signing this Saturday 4-6P at Gr8Soundz Music in Hellertown PA. I’ll have copies of my books for sale just in time for the holidays. Also the annual TMS Christmas hang at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ is on for 12/14. I’ll be doing a book signing starting at 7:30 across the street at Dingos Den until around 9P before going in for the party. NO admission for the book signing at Dingos!

When I have guests and ticket info for next run of TMS I will post here.

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  • Ryan B. on

    I never thought I would see Eddie Trunk introducing anything related to the Grateful Dead. Imagine my surprise when I see him doing the intro for the Grateful Dead movie showing this morning on VH1Classic. That must have have been painful for you, Don, and Jim to shoot the intro for. I can’t see one ounce of Grateful Dead love between the three of you guys, lol….long live the Dead! “Once in awhile, you get the shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right!”

    • Eddie on

      Apparently you are not familiar with my 11 year history on VH1C as a host interviewing and hosting EVERY genre of music. Am I a Dead fan, no, can I do anything asked of me as a host, of course. Thanks for watching.

    • John G on

      This reminds me of the old joke:

      How many Deadheads does it take to change a lightbulb?

      12,001. 1 to change it, 2,000 to tape the precedings and 10,000 to follow it until it burns out.

      I have a joke that needs completing:

      How many KISS fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

      My first answer would be 1.) None, cause there aren’t any left.

      But we know that isn’t true. How about 100. 1 to change it and 99 to argue that it might be worth saving the old one if we can get half the filaments to work again.

      Or we could could say: there no need to change the lightbulb cause there’s another one around that basically works the same as the original. Or it’s already been changed and only a few people know or care that the first one was the best and burned the brightest.

      Anybody else have a better way to complete this joke?

    • Brian B on

      That was rather lame.

  • Ryan B. on

    Eddie, I get that you can read a card whether its talking about Megadeth or the Go-Go’s or even the Grateful Dead, lol. I wasn’t taking a shot at your abilities or the role you’ve played on VH1Classic (a good role I might add) through the years. I get your point by how I began my post, but the bigger point and joke I was making was there is probably a blooper reel somewhere of you guys ripping on the Dead before finally reading the intro correctly, lol. They just seem like a band you guys would just not like, but really loathe, like “Riot never got to be huge, but these idiots had people following them around! Ridiculous!” Anyways, keep up the good work.

    • Eddie on

      Not ripping them, just not a fan. But VH1 has TONS of bloopers of me pre TMS making mistakes and introing ALL kinds of stuff! Thanks

  • Pete on

    Nice to hear you play Halestorm on the show. Please continue to do so they’re a great band. The NY show that night was amazing. Hope you can have them on the radio show or TMS.

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